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Southeast Los Angeles Collaborative Launches Transformative Regional Campaign

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Our SELA Region campaign represents an opportunity to uplift positive stories taking place across the SELA region.

LOS ANGELES - Rezul -- This community-driven campaign aims to highlight the impact of our leaders and local organizations transforming Southeast Los Angeles. Through a series of videos, the campaign highlights our non-profit sector and cities that join to collaboratively address the needs of the region and SELA leaders paving the way. The campaign is sponsored by Optimum Seismic, in partnership with dozens of Southeast LA based nonprofits, cities, and businesses.

This campaign runs from January through June highlighting multiple initiatives taking place
within SELA. It consists of eleven videos and five live broadcasts. Participating organizations include Tree people, Latino Equality Alliance, Compatior, SELA Vaccination Center, Southeast Community Foundation, Innovate Public Schools, Southeast Community Development Corporation, and Wesley Health Centers just to name a few.

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"For the SELA Collaborative, this means we have the opportunity to create a pathway for a transformative shift in the narrative for our region. Our team is excited that we have this opportunity to highlight the wide range of leaders who continue to work tirelessly for our SELA community. We need everyone to hear about the work taking place and our collaborative is honored to have the opportunity to help share this work, all being made with community and by community. We are grateful to Optimum Seismic, their trust of our process and their commitment in investing in local leadership. Through this campaign we're also able to partner with local businesses, such as NightFlare, our media partner and film production company" explained Dr. Wilma Franco, Executive Director of SELA Collaborative.

The SELA Collaborative is leading multiple coordinated regional efforts in Southeast LA, and receives the support from funders such as the California Community Foundation and County of Los Angeles. Through the Our SELA Region videos, the collaborative is able to amplify the work being carried out by a variety of organizations, offices and cities. The SELA Collaborative is bringing light to the powerful initiatives in motion that many were not aware of. The lack of investment in SELA has contributed to lack of generational wealth within the region. For far too long now SELA has been neglected in terms of investing and creating opportunities to support community members. These initiatives will address the challenges to increase the quality of life for SELA residents.

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"It's very important that business, government and non-profit leaders come together to enhance our local communities," says Optimum Seismic Co-Founder and COO Ali Sahabi. "The cities in the SELA region do a great amount of good work for the people who live and work in our communities. The active support from local businesses can enable them to
do so much more. Optimum Seismic, Inc. is proud of its role to assist SELA in celebrating the many achievements of our local cities!"

To learn more visit: www.selacollab.org/sela-in-the-news

Sandra Nunez (Communications Coordinator)

Source: SELA Collaborative

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