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Property Owners Encounter Frequent Drain Issues

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All Ways Drains discusses common culprits of clogged drains in Mounds View.

MOUNDS VIEW, Minn. - Rezul -- Property owners in Mounds View and the wider Twin Cities region commonly experience disruptive clogged drain and sewer problems. These recurring inconveniences prompted the creation of a comprehensive list outlining the 12 most prevalent causes prompting clients to contact All Ways Drains for professional drain cleaning services.

1. Food Debris Accumulation: The presence of food particles, primarily disposed of through kitchen sinks, results in the accumulation and formation of pipe obstructions.

2. Grease and Oil Congestion: Disposing of grease and oil down the drain contributes to adhesive obstructions. The internal pipe coating created by grease and oil traps other debris and promotes clogs.

3. Hair Buildup: The persistent buildup of hair, particularly in bathroom drains such as showers and tubs, yields tenacious clogs.

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4. Soap Scum Formation: Soap residues unite with hair and other contaminants, culminating in blockages within shower and bathtub drains.

5. Mineral Deposits: The presence of minerals in hard water results in the aggregation of pipe-obstructing scale deposits, which subsequently impede water flow.

6. Foreign Objects Intrusion: Small objects like toys, jewelry, or hygiene products occasionally enter drains unintentionally, leading to obstructions.

7. Toilet Paper Accumulation: Excessive toilet paper consumption or the flushing of non-flushable materials leads to clogs within toilet drains.

8. Flushable Wipes Misconception: Contrary to popular belief, "flushable" wipes are not safe for flushing and often contribute to sewer system clogs.

9. Dental Floss Misuse: Flushing dental floss results in floss entwining with other debris, creating clogs.

10. Feminine Hygiene Products Disposal: The improper disposal of feminine hygiene products is a common source of sewer system clogs, potentially leading to extensive plumbing disruptions.

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11. Cracked Pipes: Damaged or cracked pipes allow soil and debris to infiltrate, subsequently causing obstructions.

12. Aging Plumbing Systems: Plumbing systems showing signs of aging may deteriorate and form blockages due to rust, corrosion, or scale accumulation.

All Ways Drain is a residential, commercial and industrial plumbing company serving Vadnais Heights and the entire Twin Cities area. They specialize in drain cleaning, sewer repair, pipe replacement and other general plumbing. They can also help with kitchen and bathroom remodeling and are available when a plumbing emergency arises. For more information on toilet repairs, visit their blog at https://www.allwaysdrains.com/12-common-causes-drain-cleaning-mounds-view/.

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