A Simple and Quick Process of Gmail not Receiving Emails

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Gmail is the web-based email service provider to transfer docs, information across the globe. Despite being a renowned platform, most of the users are not receiving the emails in their account, it might be due to if you have blocked the sender address or recipient.

Try another browser

If you found that your Gmail is not receiving emails, try to use it different browser like UR browser in which browser must have built-in AdBlock, VPN, privacy, tracking, and the malware protection, so it's one of the most secure browsers online to prevent any kind of malicious activity.

If Gmail server is down temporarily

Usually, It happens with most of the people that the Gmail server gets down for a temporary period which stops you from receiving the emails. So wait till the server get back to its position.

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Check the storage quota of Gmail

Gmail has the storage capacity up to 15GB which includes Gmail, Google Drive, and Google photos combined. So users won't be able to receive the mail if the space to store data is not free.

If space gets full, how to delete mails

•    Select some emails to delete and tap on the delete button.
•    Following above, tap on more as shown on the left of Gmail.
•    In the next move, click Bin to open it.
•    In the last step, click on the Empty bin now option to delete the Emails.

Besides, above all the points to Fix Gmail account not receiving emails process, if you are seeking further assistance, you may call directly on their support number to get the immediate feedback or response.

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