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Other Uses for Home-Grown Food

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TYNE AND WEAR, U.K. - Rezul -- We already know the benefits of home-grown food. Fruit and vegetables harvested from your own garden help to reduce carbon emissions, promote a balanced diet, and allow you to exercise your green fingers.

But the pay-off of personal crops goes beyond just a healthy lifestyle – the uses are of home-grown food are diverse and numerous. Sometimes, we have extra fruit and vegetables that just aren't made for the dinner table, but their use is not limited to the bin.

From the sustainable to the unusual, we look at those other uses for home-grown food that you may have overlooked.

Colour inspiration

Do you remember using carefully carved potatoes and carrots with paint to create amazing prints as a child? Your parents may even have your garden scene on the refrigerator. We're taking this to another level and saying you can actually use your home-grown fruit and vegetables to create your own paint.

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The process is easier than you may expect. Simply boiling colourful fruit and vegetable materials will release their natural colours into the water. Choosing your colours is equally uncomplicated: strawberries make red, blueberries make blue, kale makes green, and oranges and carrots make orange. Other fruit and vegetables are unlikely to trip you up on their colour production.

After boiling, strain and keep your coloured water and put your food waste into the compost bin. You can use your coloured water to naturally die materials or create paint by adding powder sugar to create a thicker consistency that is more suitable for traditional canvas painting. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to use your last supper to recreate Da Vinci's The Last Supper.

The uses of home-grown fruit and vegetables are clearly numerous. But by using natural ingredients and materials to achieve great results in many different aspects of life, the benefits reach beyond the initial uses of their produce. The use of grow bags (https://www.compostdirect.com/fruit-veg-grow-bag/p10) has made it easier to grow your own fruit and vegetables in your garden. While we don't expect you to eat everything you produce, you can certainly make more than carrot cake with your crops. You can help the planet and do more than just eat your greens!

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Source: Compost Direct
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