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ThrottleNet Reveals 6 Reasons Why Businesses Need To Reassess Their Security System Now

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ST. LOUIS - Rezul -- ThrottleNet says as the current rate of cyberattacks continue to increase, businesses remain in a constant battle to not only thrive and adapt but also protect their data. As cyber thieves utilize new methods to infiltrate corporate websites ThrottleNet is revealing six reasons why businesses should re-evaluate their security system now.

"It seems obvious, but many companies fail to grasp the pure escalation of cyber threats," said George Rosenthal, President of ThrottleNet. "As technology advances so do the tactics and techniques employed by cybercriminals. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, and new vulnerabilities emerge regularly. Reevaluating your system security helps you stay ahead of the curve and protect your business from the latest threats."

"Secondly, as a company grows and expands so does their digital footprint," Rosenthal added. "New systems, applications and employees bring additional security challenges and regular re-evaluation ensures security measures keep pace with a business' growing technological needs."

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A third reason Rosenthal said revolves around compliance. "The regulatory landscape surrounding data protection and cybersecurity is becoming increasingly stringent. Non-compliance can result in severe financial penalties and legal consequences. Regular security assessments help you maintain compliance with changing regulations."

He stressed protection of highly sensitive data is also a must. "Data is one of your most valuable assets and a security breach can lead to data theft, resulting in financial losses and reputational damage. Regular evaluations ensure this sensitive data remains safeguarded against all types of threats."

Another reason is to educate and train employees to prevent social engineering attacks. "Cybercriminals love to exploit human vulnerabilities. Periodic assessments can identify weaknesses, increase awareness, and improve the cybersecurity knowledge of all employees."

"Finally, businesses should engage with a professional equipped with the most modern technology such as advanced scanning tools, threat intelligence and machine learning algorithms," Rosenthal stressed. "They can help uncover vulnerabilities and risks that might go unnoticed with traditional methods."

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"Companies should not wait until a cyberattack occurs when they can take initiative now. Their security and reputation depend on it."

To learn more visit ThrottleNet Security System Reevaluation (https://www.throttlenet.com/blog/cybersecurity-month/why-you-need-to-re-evaluate-your-businesss-system-security/)


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