The State of the Oregon Real Estate Market and Sundance Realty: July 2019

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A release covering the state of the firm, the Oregon Market, top producing agents, published articles of the month, and important information or actions for Sundance Realty agents.

SALEM, Ore. - Rezul -- State of the Oregon Real Estate Market

During this month, the Oregon Legislature passed House Bill 2001 which requires cities with populations of at least 10,000 permit duplexes in single-family zoning.  Additionally, cities with a population of 25,000 will have their single-family zoned areas basically changed to simply residential zoning as they will also allow 2-4 unit multi-family homes.  If Governor Brown signs the bill, which most believe she will, then expect significant changes. A decent percentage of homes are in need of replacement, and with those single-family homes being able to be reconstructed into multi-family homes can be a significant investment opportunity for many.  Not to mention increasing the availability of housing on the market.

State of Sundance Realty

New Agents this Month:

Amber Myer - She is coming over to us from RE/MAX, and her motivation for coming to Sundance was simply the way it's run as a company focusing more on allowing agents to run their business without costing them a fortune in fees.  Check out her Facebook Business Page at

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Listing Agents of the Month:

Agustin Vega-Trinidad
Bernice Wigginton
David Gonzalez
Deb Baxter
Joelle Camillo
Jon Heuberger
Karen Peters
Mike Vego
Murray Beck
Toni Keener
Tracy Taylor

Buyer Agents of the Month:

Yolanda Ojeda
Joni McClintock
Arielle Hernadez


Sundance Realty Marketing and Recruiting

We have continued to update our existing client side website, and our marketing and recruiting site;

Ethics Amongst Oregon Realtors
July 16, 2019
by Colin Marcum

All professions benefit from time to time in discussing the ethical issues that their sector is facing. This is the same for the real estate industry as it is for the military, doctors, teachers, salespersons, and really any job or profession that deals directly or indirectly with other people (read: "all professions"). The two primary reasons for this are 1) the long-term economic benefits of running a consistently ethical business, and 2) to regulate over our own industry in order to avoid outcry from the general public which would compel the government to do it for us. We'll discuss those reasons why we should be ethical towards the end of this article, but first...

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