REinVR Partners with Quantum Capture to Launch Virtual Condo Buying Experience

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Aida, a digital human helps sell new construction real-estate projects using AI, real-time information and stunning virtual reality environments rendered by REinVR.

EDMONTON, Alberta - Sept. 14, 2018 - Rezul -- REinVR, the real-estate technology company that delivers stunning renders, video and interactive virtual simulations of new construction properties, announces a partnership with Quantum Capture, the developers of CTRL Human, a technology platform that offers intelligent virtual humans by combining conversational artificial intelligence with life-like 3D models.

REinVR works with condo developers like Westbank, InHouse and One Properties to help market their condos with the help of video game technology. It's faster, higher quality and better value compared with traditional methods for rendering condos, which is time consuming and costly. "We create the entire building, not just one room. Every color, option, upgrade, amenity space and floor plan is visualized exactly how it will look when construction is complete." said Nathan Nasseri, Founder & CEO of REinVR.

95% of buyers look online to find a home to purchase and putting the home buying experience online is a natural step towards giving buyers what they want. By making digital presentation centres accessible through web browsers in addition to virtual reality, buyers have a new way to shop for their future home. There has been an explosion of condo starts over this year, with 24% of growth across Canada and the US. In Toronto, multifamily starts were up 231% and there are over 200 projects currently under construction, the biggest boom in 30 years. Millennials are the largest home buyer group and they prefer to shop online. Over 70% of Millennials have very positive feelings regarding virtual reality. This isn't surprising as they tend to be early adopters of technology and would prefer to use virtual reality to research and purchase property instead of visiting presentation centres. Forbes has reported on Millennials and their appetite for virtual reality home buying.

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"Partnering with Quantum Capture has enabled us to create Aida, an artificially intelligent digital agent within a digitally rendered new condo building for an immersive, interactive and meticulously crafted buying experience. The high-quality level of photo-realism and natural language offered through Quantum Capture's virtual humans platform is a technological marvel that is going to save developers lots of time, money and resources. When I was selling homes, I wish I had a system like this to showcase every option to every buyer, or get sent fresh leads every day that have already seen everything online and know exactly what they want." said Nasseri.

Toronto based Quantum Capture, with offices in Silicon Valley, has been working over the last three years with major digital entertainment companies like Sony Interactive, Ubisoft and WB Games to deploy stunningly photo-realistic digital humans into gaming experiences using Epic Games' Unreal Engine. Recently, Quantum Capture expanded their CTRL Human platform to allow nearly any industry to easily add interactive virtual humans into their experience, from virtual celebrities, to virtual training and virtual customer service representatives.

Accenture recently reported in their report: Accenture: Technology Vision 2018 Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed that "Artificial intelligence is about to become your company's digital spokesperson. It will act as the face of a company's digital brand and a key differentiator—and become a core competency demanding of C-level investment and strategy."

"We're excited to see CTRL Human and Aida utilized in such an exciting, new, and disruptive experience with REinVR's platform, said Morgan Young," Co-Founder and CEO of Quantum Capture. "REinVR has harnessed an unprecedented level of realism and interactivity within their virtual show homes. This level of quality and functionality has never been achieved before and it's going to fundamentally change the real-estate rendering and the home buying experience".

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Aida, the digital agent, is capable of touring buyers online while providing accurate information about an entire project, before it's built. The complete interactive rendering solution from REinVR can be developed and launched in under 4 weeks. Aida is customized for each project and each client's specific needs to optimize the customer home buying experience. Aida can tour buyers through every unit and show them current availability and accurate pricing in real time.

Video Demo:

About REinVR:

Real Estate in Virtual Reality was founded in 2016. The founder, Nathan Nasseri was starting his fourth year in new home sales and was frustrated by the inefficiencies of out of a show suite. He decided to leverage his education in video game design to solve a problem he faced every day with home buyers, visualizing real estate that doesn't exist yet. REinVR quickly became an industry leader in virtual reality and real estate technology by raising the bar in visual quality and focusing to deliver a full suite of multimedia solutions including VR, images and video to every client. The success of REinVR is fueled by an extraordinarily talented team of professionals and repeat business from their very happy clients.

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About Quantum Capture:

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Toronto, ON, Quantum Capture brings AI to life, and is a leading provider of virtual humans powered by 2-way conversational artificial intelligence. The company works with the entertainment and enterprise industries to deploy their CTRL Human platform, allowing for photo-real virtual humans to be integrated into nearly any digital experience on a kiosk, PC, mobile device or VR device. Uses for virtual humans include virtual celebrities, athletes and influencers, enhancing customer service chatbots, and enterprise training programs where empathy, emotion and natural body gestures are needed. 55% of communication is done through non-verbal interactions. Quantum Capture believes humans are the ultimate user interface and are dedicated to humanizing the digital experience. Learn more at Press inquiries please email

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