QueryHome, Started by IIM-B Alumnus Salil Agrawal, launches a New GK Section

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QueryHome has introduced a New GK Section to provide more opportunities to its users to solve their problems beyond Programming, Technology and Mathematics.

BANGALORE, India - Dec. 1, 2015 - Rezul -- Most folks often seek out and yearn to improve their general knowledge as part of their thirst for knowledge.  But, there is no one place to go to, to quench this thirst for knowledge. Knowledge has been scattered all over the place and in no logical way, or in any orderly or meaningful manner.  The challenge has been "How" and Where" to get the knowledge one seeks in a streamlined and easy way!

These were the very burning questions for Salil Agrawal, an IIM Bangalore alumnus. So out of need and necessity and his burning desire to solve this problem, Salil designed and launched a GK Section on his multi-domain QueryHome portal.  Being a portal with quite a few socially engaging features and functions, users use and take advantage of it as a Knowledge Social Network. QueryHome is now a one-stop place for the desperate needs of those seeking general Knowledge in an easy and streamlined manner.

QueryHome - is a well-known and favorite destination for technical and mathematical problem solving. This portal attracts about 15,000 to 20,000 visitors on a daily basis, every day. With this new GK Section, QueryHome has added yet another knowledge pool for its users to query and discuss issues and topics on general knowledge.

Now the Question is, what is typically Qualified as General Knowledge (GK)?

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General information on a variety of subjects that one collects gradually, from reading, television, social media, newspapers, etc., rather than detailed information on subjects that one studiesformally is considered as General Knowledge. Similarly, any question on any subject, which does not require a deep understanding of the subject matter, is considered as a GK question and encouraged under the GK Section http://gk.queryhome.com/ of QueryHome.
For example "The speed at which sound travels is greater on water or vacuum." on first blush, may seem quite science-oriented and to be posed as a science question. But, in fact, it is considered more as a GK topic, since this information is generally expected to be a given, and known to most people and not just by students and scholars of science.

Salil Agrawal has carefully designed and structured the New GK Section of QueryHome with the need of the users in mind, both adults and youngsters.  Users can easily delve into and work with the various topics in GK in an easy and friendly manner while enjoying the multiple social aspects of the portal.  The workflow design put in place, allows users for a simple yet logical way for knowledge interactions.  Activities on the GK Section include:
•       Asking A Question,
•       Answering Questions.
•       Adding Comments to Questions/Answers,
•       Writing an Article, and
•       Commenting on an Article.

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The QueryHome GK Section is consistent with other Domain Verticals and Sections on the QueryHome portal.  It is, therefore, quite easy and friendly for users familiar with other Sections of the QueryHome portal. The beauty about the new GK Section is that there is no learning curve as such for existing QueryHome Portal users.  Similar to other Sections and Domain Verticals, you earn points based on your participation and levels of activity.  And based on the points you earn, you enjoy the rights to perform various admin-type and advanced functions in the GK Section as in the case with other sections on the Portal.

A brief description of the QueryHome Portal policy and system on the QueryHome Points or QPoints is outlined in FAQ section. The QPoints and Rewards earned and accumulated in the GK Section are applicable exclusively only to the GK Section.  In other words, QPoints and Rewards are Section-specific. This means that QPoints and Rewards earned in the GK Section, give you the right to edit and enhance other user answers in the GK category.

QueryHome is a Platform committed to a complete lifecycle experience of GK Questions, Answers, Articles, and the addition of GK Section Categories, in a step-by-step easy to use way.  And this sure goes a long way for users who are interested in and enjoy GK in general. Users register on the QueryHome portal that allows them to ask Questions, Answer others' Questions, and Post Articles at no cost at all.

Now, not only is this a learning experience in a fun and enjoyable way for those who love GK, but knowing that you are also helping others seeking information is definitely quite gratifying, as well.  A surprise bonus to active participation in the GK and other Domain Vertical Sections of the QueryHome Portal is that, you get noticed by the new age head hunters and modern companies looking to add quality professionals as members of their teams and their team leaders.

Salil Agrawal

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