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PlayerAuctions News: Jagex Not Involved in Tournament Cheating

October 3 – cheating at the recent Deadman Autumn Invitational tournament is not an inside job, according to Jagex. The semi-finalist, True Fox, was declared the winner and awarded $10,000.

LOS ANGELES - Oct. 20, 2017 - Rezul -- After an investigation, Jagex, the developer of RuneScape, was ruled out of the involvement regarding their employees in a cheating scandal that happened in the Deadman Autumn Invitational.

During the tournament, players were divided into four and were required to fight each other until one winner remains. In the span of the tournament, many players suffered a DDOS attack, and 5PLUS50K12 was declared the winner.

Afterward, a discovery was made that the finalist had a bot farm, which he used to act out DDOS attacks against other players. Although DDOS attacks need access to the target's IP address, lots of players suspected that some of Jagex's employees were in on 5PLUS50K12's cheating. Jagex has denied these accusations. With 5PLUS50K12 disqualified, the second place contender, True Fox, was declared the winner and got $10,000.

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