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PASS IT ON!: How An Extraordinary Act Changed A Young Man's Life in the Segregated South

A new inspiring children's book by Gloria J. McEwen Burgess about her father & his relationship with writer William Faulkner who generously paid for him to go to college.

SEATTLE - May 3, 2017 - Rezul -- Two Sylvias Press is raising funds on Kickstarter for the publication of the children's book, Pass It On! by Seattle-area author and motivational speaker, Gloria J. McEwen Burgess. Based on the true story of the author's father, Pass It On! is about Earnest McEwen Jr.'s relationship with writer William Faulkner, who generously paid for Ernie to go to college.

As a young boy, Ernie dreamed of a better life for his family in the segregated South of the 1930s. More than anything, he wanted to attend college. Faulkner's generous financial gift allowed Ernie to go to college, move out of the South, and eventually emerge from poverty. Ernie made a better life for his family, who continue to live a legacy of life-long learning and service. Pass It On! is beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist Gerald Purnell.

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Author Gloria J. McEwen Burgess, who celebrates the indomitable power of the human spirit in all aspects of her life, writes:

I hope to pass on the core character qualities demonstrated by the people in the book—courage, compassion, determination, drive, hope, and a sense of possibility far greater than any one of the individuals. I truly believe that when we acknowledge the birthright dignity of others regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, etc., we can forge marvelous relationships and build bridges that endure across cultures, place, and time.

The Pass It On! Kickstarter campaign will assist Two Sylvias Press with the costs of book design and printing/distribution, as well as the marketing costs for outreach to schools, libraries, and literacy-based programs. Two Sylvias Press cofounders, Kelli Russell Agodon and Annette Spaulding-Convy are inspired to publish Pass It On! because of the timely message of the book: building bridges in a divided world, the need for compassion and acceptance, and the importance of core values and education.

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