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Pandamoon Publishing's Meg Bonney Wins Awards For Her Debut Novel EVERLY!

AUSTIN, Texas - Feb. 27, 2017 - Rezul -- Pandamoon Publishing is thrilled to announce Meg Bonney's EVERLY received The Feathered Quill's Silver Award for both Best Debut Author and Best Juvenile YA Fiction.

"A kickass female heroine, a magical world, mystery and intrigue combine to create the wonderful, award-winning world of EVERLY. Madison Rosewood is about to graduate and is headed toward a bright future any kid would kill for: a full-ride track scholarship, the world's greatest best friend, and an aunt that has always provided for her. The problem is that Madison wants to find her birth parents, even if it costs her all of the above," said Zara Kramer, Publisher of Pandamoon Publishing.

"When her Aunt Ruth is kidnapped, all of Madison's plans are put on hold. Guided by a mysterious stranger, Madison and her best friend follow Aunt Ruth's kidnappers through a portal into the hidden world of Everly. Traveling through fairy-lit caverns and towering oak forests, Madison quickly realizes that behind the fantasy world's beauty lurks treacherous magic, violent encounters, and shocking truths about her family," Kramer added.

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By day, multiple award-winning author Meg Bonney is a paralegal. By night she is a TV reviewer.  Every moment in between she is a writer. Whether watching TV or writing, her focus is on the sci-fi/fantasy genre and worlds where stakes are high and the consequences dire for fairies, mermaids, monsters, and witches.

Bonney lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two young daughters, two cats, three hermit crabs. and one very spoiled fish. She enjoys impromptu dance parties with her daughters, strong coffee, baking, and getting way too emotionally invested in fictional characters. Currently, she is hard at work on the next book in the EVERLY saga and her growing fan base cannot wait to read it.

Pandamoon Publishing focuses on publishing quality and unique fiction works and distributes them through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Ingram, as well as other book distributors and bookstores worldwide, including Powell's and Books-A-Million. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Pandamoon Publishing is dedicated to growing good ideas into great reads...one book at a time. Review copies of our books are available to journalists and qualified reviewers through our media contact. Learn more at http://www.pandamoonpublishing.com.

Matt Kramer, Director of Marketing and Sales
Pandamoon Publishing.com

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