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Oath To Honor's First-time Author Depicts Eighties and Nineties Harlem

Triumph Communications Group Oath to Honor by Tra'von Williams Author Tra'von Williams Dreama & Tra'von Williams & Family Oath to Honor book signing in Harlem
Author Tra'von Williams' Honest, Raw Talent Hits a Grand Slam

NEW YORK - Oct. 17, 2017 - Rezul -- Author Tra'von Williams' fast paced, no holds barred debut novel, Oath to Honor, depicts the drug-addled world of Harlem in the Eighties and Nineties. Williams' debut novel was published by Wordeee (www.wordeee.com) and is available as both paperback and eBook on the Wordeee website.

Oath to Honor is the story of five friends bound to honor each other as they navigate life in the streets of Harlem. The female assassins plus one are ruthless when it comes to their business - dealing drugs. At nine years old, Tia Davis is forced to do whatever it takes to protect her family after her mother's sudden death. Surviving the streets is the only way she knows how to navigate her new life. Tia becomes a deadly player in the 'game' and the leader of a fierce female drug gang. But Tia's real dream is to graduate college and leave this life of crime behind.

Armed with her degree, she would find a legitimate way to be the protector and provide for her family. Tia's soon-to-be dream world, however, takes a turn for the worse when her younger sister becomes involved with the most notorious drug lord in the game…and to make matters worse, Tia falls hard for the DA who maybe the one to put her away!

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The authenticity of the work makes one think it's a roman à clef…and it could be. Williams was there. He saw it all including being incarcerated. But what was different for Williams, and not for many of his friends who did not survive, was the steadfast love of his family and his childhood sweetheart, Dreama.

Tra'von credits his turn around to reading, rehabilitation and behavior modification in jail. He became a leader and role model to other prisoners. "My perspective changed. I realized my family needed me. I finally woke up and knew I had to stop being reckless and  become an upstanding man and father. The one thing I always had was my writing. I was writing stories since I was a kid. My love of reading and writing gave me the ability to tell this story and now my story is my new opportunity."

Fast forward to 2017. Through a mutual friend, Tra'von met Marva Allen, CEO of Wordeee, a media and publishing company based in New York. "Tra'von said he had written a novel. I said OK, send me the file. He said what file? What I came to understand was that Tra'von had typed the novel on a manual typewriter. He hand delivered a huge stack of papers to me." Allen continued, "As I began reading, I realized Tra'von was not only a gifted writer but the voice of a generation. A generation where many did not live to tell. It was raw, compelling…and I could not put it down."

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Today, Tra'von is still married to Dreama. Three of his children have completed or are in college and his youngest is in high school. He has a job he loves and is working on his next manuscript as part of the Oath to Honor trilogy. "Writing Oath to Honor  was a way for me to tell the kids of today and the wider world what we went through. Today's Harlem has educational, music and arts programs for kids that didn't exist when I was growing up. I wish to God that I had had them. My life would probably have turned out very differently," reflected Tra'von.

To order Oath to Honor go to: (https://wordeee.com/book/88/Oath%20To%20Honor)

Check out Tra'von Williams' video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKjfHnXGeJ8

Contact: Patrice Samara, COO  Patrice@wordeee.com

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