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New Fie Bestseller Strikes A Chord As Sales Roll In For A Western Master

The latest John D. Fie, Jr. release, "Pressor's Law," has broken all first week release sales records for Outlaws Publishing. This exciting new story is from one of the most lauded Western sellers of 2016.

MIDLOTHIAN, Texas - March 6, 2017 - Rezul -- John D. Fie, Jr., signed two years ago by Outlaws Publishing, has scored one of the biggest selling Western novels of 2017.

With three of his books reigning throughout the winter months, an estimated 2 million pages were read between them. The new Fie novel, "Pressor's Law," has hit the market and is already enjoying strong sales. With bestsellers from A.H. Holt, Paul Thompson, Cliff Roberts and B.W. Hedgepeth helping move over 4 million pages of product throughout January 2017, this is just another roaring success for a company that has made Westerns stronger than ever before.

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"Fie has what it takes," Outlaws Chairman J.C. Hulsey said yesterday. "He's a great American author who is giving Western readers what they have been asking for. There are no gimmicks, no campaigning, just educational promotion, and I think readers are enjoying the honesty. It's a breath of fresh air. It's the West as people have been asking for it. Fie is the Western's great advocate."

You can learn more about John D. Fie, Jr. by contacting his press office via Nick@nickwale.org, and you can find all of the books mentioned available for download from Amazon, along with a dozen other Western titles.

J.C. Hulsey

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