Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains Multiline Insurance Policies

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Purchasing a Multiline Insurance Policy Can Save Drivers Money!

LAS VEGAS - Feb. 5, 2019 - Rezul -- Multiline insurance policies provide convenience and cost savings to auto insurance subscribers. By pairing their auto insurance with a homeowner's, renter's, or umbrella policy, Nevada drivers may be eligible to receive a discount on their auto insurance. Discounts and available policies vary widely by insurer. To learn about what discounts are available to them, drivers should contact a licensed insurance agent.

The term "multiline insurance" refers to a single policy that covers several similar types of exposures to risk. Instead of purchasing auto insurance from one insurer, homeowner's or renter's insurance from another, and life insurance from yet another, a policyholder could purchase all of their lines of insurance from a single provider. Those policies could then be bundled together for a single monthly premium. In most cases, the policy limits and deductibles are the same across the bundled lines of insurance.

Multiline insurance policies are beneficial to policyholders because they simplify bookkeeping. Rather than having multiple monthly premiums to track and pay, a policyholder pays a single monthly premium for all bundled lines of insurance. Additionally, in the event of a catastrophe, such as one that results in severe wind and hail damage, the policyholder with a multiline insurance policy that covers their home and vehicle would file a single claim and pay a single deductible, thus saving money. Finally, the policyholder may be eligible to receive a discounted rate on their auto insurance, allowing them to afford better coverage than they may otherwise purchase.

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Multiline insurance policies are also preferred by insurers. A single multiline policy is easier to manage than several separate policies for each subscriber. Additionally, the offered discounts promote brand loyalty among policyholders, ensuring that they will purchase multiple policies from the insurer.

Most major insurers offer a variety of multiline policies. These include Auto/Home policies, which provide a discount on the auto insurance if it is bundled with a traditional homeowner's policy; Auto/Life policies, which provide a discount on auto insurance when it is paired with life insurance; Auto/Renters policy, which is when a renter's insurance policy is paired with an auto insurance policy; and Auto/Umbrella, which provides a discount on auto insurance when it is bundled with an umbrella policy.

While major insurers typically offer multiline policies, the policies available vary widely from one insurer to another. Policyholders should talk to their auto insurance agents to learn what types of multiline policies are available from their insurer.

While many insurance subscribers believe that changes cannot be made to their auto insurance policy until their term is up, the fact is that changes can be made at any time. Coverage limits can be increased or decreased at any time, other types of auto insurance can be added to the policy, and discounts for which the subscriber is eligible can be added before the policy term expires. In many cases, the insured will simply be required to call their auto insurance agent and submit the documents that their insurer requests.

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