Mortgage Cancellation Secrets Reveals How To Stop A New York Foreclosure Sale Date

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Top tips to stop a foreclosure sale date in New York, where 1 in 21 homes are in foreclosure.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. - Rezul -- What could you do to stop a foreclosure auction sale date in NYC? Mortgage Cancellation Secrets discusses tips to stop a New York foreclosure sale date, without having to file bankruptcy damaging credit reports by remaining for either seven years or 10 years from the filing date.

Revealing a new bill signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in December of 2019, could stop mortgage lenders in their tracks and keep homeowners in homes.

According to the Mortgage Cancellation Secrets website, 1 in 21 homes are in foreclosure in New York and another 1 in 10 are at risk of foreclosure status.

Mortgage Cancellation Secrets top tips to stop a foreclosure sale date in New York;

Review Mortgage Security Instruments - Search for clues if MERS appears in the paperwork and transferred the Note acting solely as a nominee for the original lender and for recording purposes only.

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Examine Summons and Complaint - Inspect all exhibits and affidavits to determine if the mortgage lender was in possession of the Note when the foreclosure action was commenced.

Carefully review all the enormous amounts of paperwork filed, examine affidavits filed to see if they expressly acknowledge that individuals signing have actually fact-checked and verified all documents by identifying they have personal knowledge of the information in the documents, including being knowledgeable of the mortgage servicer's daily business practices. A solution to spot Robo-signing fraud, to see if individuals have personal knowledge of the documents they sign and mortgage servicer's daily business practices, to discover if the documents are being fact-checked and verified before foreclosure actions are filed.

These are relevant clues that can be raised on Standing issues, to help discover if the Note was truly in possession when the foreclosure action was commenced as required by law.

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Under the New York Foreclosure Protection Bill, an amendment to new section 1302-a now permits a homeowner (the defendant) in a foreclosure lawsuit to raise a defense of standing at any time in the litigation.

Mortgage Cancellation Secrets released the New York Foreclosure Defense System Forms, to help solve and train on securitization imperfections and lack of enforceable security interest against foreclosure actions in violations to Article 13.

Hurry to download the New York Foreclosure Defense System Forms at a special introductory price for a very limited time offer:

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