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Look out Homer! We've often seen other disparaging families in the animation world on television, although not like The Davies Family

MINDEN, Nev. - March 7, 2017 - Rezul -- Waterloo Regional Pictures Entertainment are proud to present the latest written work from lighthearted author Dwight J. Sernoskie with Hamster Davies – A Life of Continual Dysfunction, currently circulated on Amazon Books, plus all trendy e-book digital retailers on March 1st, 2017, considering that …

Hamster Davies is a persuasive romance and adventurous, fundamentally focused on repetitive dysfunction of its individual sarcastic laughableness.

Out for a normal night at a New York City theater with his adopted family at birth, Hamster Davies, who is in his late thirties, while his life is inexplicably turned upside down, has one mishap lead to another in a madcap adventure of epic proportions, and a ticket mix up introduces him to the woman that would change his life for the good.

Once in the lively theater, Hamster, sitting high above the crowd, promptly makes direct eye contact with Julie, sitting beneath hyperventilating because of the appalling fabric on the chairs and walls, and, not including the curious people around her.

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… Their love-able, "Uh-no, it's bad enough it costs me money to feed the three of us, and, currently an extremely creepy cat who loves eating green ham; it sounds complicated, and, where am I going to find green ham at a time like this?"

… Plus, their very understanding, "Well, I still have to complete the papers at the city pound; even so, they keep asking me for references, other than I repeatedly tell them they're all dead, and still, no dog."

… And furthermore, their greatly touching, "He barely can hit the toilet when he needs to use it, and the circumference size to have a baby isn't that big to start with."

For further details and additional character witticism quotes, photos, and how to obtain a 50% discount off the recommended e-book edition, please visit www.wrp-ent.com - use the link, The Bookshelf, and get your price cut voucher now.

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