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Learn to DayTrade - New Class Date Added April 11, 2017

John Paul, founder of DayTradeToWin.com, offers a new eight-week comprehensive class on futures, & day trading educational methods. The upcoming Mentorship class is all inclusive for the beginner, and advanced traders who want to learn how to win.

BOCA RATON, Fla. - April 5, 2017 - Rezul -- Day Trade to Win is an industry leader bringing day trading educational classes for all levels and skills.  The April 11th class will focus on the expected crash and explosive moves in the futures and financial market. The program brings new and intermediate traders to focus on manipulation about to take hold.  The next eight-week Futures Day Trading Course begins Tuesday, April 11th at 6:00 PM EST. The start of 2017 has been fantastic for investors, and now it's time for the public to join the success.

The first week brings the " At the Open" Strategy perfect for the beginner trader to learn the basics of an opening range breakout method with a unique twist on trade management and theory. As the program continues, intermediate traders learn advanced trading techniques and methods focused on manipulation which occurs day in and day out. The industry is saturated with unreliable software and courses that require optimization and usually fail once the market conditions change.  Founder John Paul teaches traders throughout the trading world by using an online training room accessible from any computer or phone.  Access is easy and convenient for most people. Even if you can't attend the live classes do to work or other commitments, Day Trade To Win has you covered. John Paul records each session and makes available the recording for on-demand playback.  When joining John Paul live, all questions are answered directly to enhance interaction. The live environment enriches the experience. Expect to learn real methods, and multiple E-mini price action strategies that are rule-based, and clearly explained to be effective in any market environment.

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If you are ready to learn what it takes to become a day trader, be sure to register now as space is limited due to the small class size. Last year every event held by daytradetowin was sold out.  The traders who take advantage of working with John Paul and daytradetowin move one step closer to independences as a day trader.  All-inclusive means no upcharge or additional fees in the future.  All indicators and courses are included, and support is free. The special price and exclusivity are trademarks of daytradetowin supporting the average Joe and Jane trader. Live instruction for anyone new or old is paramount to ensure success.  The Group Mentorship class includes the ATO, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, Roadmap, X-5, Blueprint and so much more.  Training is designed to turn traders who have problems with consistent results to talented market movers. John Paul conducts each class twice a week Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM Est.

DayTradeToWin does things differently by taking an objective approach to the markets. Put your feelings aside as feelings and trading don't play nice.  Instead, let price dictate why and how each trade should or should not be taken. If the market indicates an opportunity, have a reason to place the trade, only if the conditions are right. Empowering students with strategies that work is how John Paul approaches educating all traders. Recently in an interview, John Paul stated: "I want them to be confident, understand what they see on the chart and initiate a trade without a doubt."

During and after the Mentorship training, John Paul can provide traders with a practice environment that simulates live training conditions: "I want you to get as much experience as close to the markets as possible. It's important to be able to quickly recognize profit opportunities as well as risky conditions. With the ability to access live futures data, traders get a good sense of what it's like to trade with a live, funded account. Many of my students have said how this experience was invaluable." For those not quite ready to take the leap, he offers a free "Get Started Trading Guide" that explains trading basics.

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With the appeal of fortune, day traders can place themselves in high-risk situations. With day trading, it is possible to lose a devastatingly significant amount of money. When trading, it is important only to use capital reserved for high-risk investments. Expect unpredictable price movement. The goal of this training program is to teach traders how to find consistent price patterns that may lead to success. On the Day Trade to Win website, testimonials and a three-year summary of Atlas Line signals are provided.

A Mentorship student said his experience can be described as, "A worthwhile investment. I believe that there are two ways to become a profitable trader: learning by trial and error, which will undeniably cost thousands in mistakes, or pay someone to teach you. I prefer the latter approach. It's more affordable, and you can rely on a teacher's years of experience. John Paul was able to reduce the learning curve and jumpstart my trading career."  Classes usually sell out, and registration reserves your seat for the April 11th mentorship class.

To enroll in this new Mentorship class or find out more, visit http://daytradetowin.com or http://www.eminieducation.com/

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