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Last Minute Tips for Running a Year End Fundraising Campaign

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GiveCentral Last Minute Tips for Running a Year End Fundraisin
Now that we are into the final phase of the year end fundraising, what are the things that you should keep in mind to give the last minute push?

CHICAGO - Dec. 21, 2017 - Rezul -- The importance of the year end fundraising campaign and its potential to raise funds is pretty well known in the nonprofit circles. Not only does it account for a major chunk of all the donations that come throughout the year but it also helps to attract new donors and long term supporters. It is in this context that it gets extremely important to take your year end fundraising campaign seriously and take care of each and every detail.

Now that we have crept into the final phase of the year end fundraising campaign, let's look into some last minute tips that we should keep in our mind to fine tune all our efforts.

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Share Stories

It can't be emphasised more what the importance of telling a great story is. People relate much more to stories than numbers. Share the stories of all the people who have been helped by you. Articulate it in such a way that it touches people's hearts. Once people begin relating with these stories there would be no stopping back.

Design your Homepage as the base

Your website is the gateway to your organization. Design it as your home base. One must have a dedicated page with all the year end giving information. Market it with your year end fundraising campaign.

Usage of Social Media

Social media is one of those tools which has gathered an exponential increase in acceptance among the masses. Almost everyone that we know of could be found on social media. What sets it apart is it could be a really cheap and easy way to reach out to a very wide range of audience. Nonprofit organizations must capitalize on this low cost and high impact tool to market their campaigns. Using the different social media platforms and the varying communication channels that they offer, you could tailor your message to different sets of people. Not only will it allow you to reach out to a huge number of people but it would also ensure that your reach is not limited to any particular geographical area.

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Ease of Donation

You should make it easier for your donors to give. Using a donation tracker could help you in this effect. It would not only make keeping a tract of donations and all the associated accounting activities easier for you but it would also let your donors give in a much easier, efficient manner. Donation Trackers like that of GiveCentral are really popular in the nonprofit space. Its associated mobile giving feature allows your donors to give on the go. Whenever and however they would want to give.

Last Minute Appeal

Make a last minute appeal to all your supporters and potential donors to donate in large numbers and allow you to make a difference. Engage all your volunteers and supporters to share all your messages. Both your emailers and the custom made ones for social media.

Having all these things in mind would make sure you don't leave anything important behind. Keeping working hard and don't forget that all important last minute push to make the most out of it.

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