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Krawls: Driving people back to brick and mortars, by designing and discovering curated experiences.

APTOS, Calif. - March 11, 2019 - Rezul -- Create and Share Multi-Location Experiences

Based on the classic bar crawl idea, we've made it simple to build and share your unique multi-location curated experiences using restaurants, museums, gardens, hipster cocktails, shopping, EV parking, trailheads, your business or AirBNB...anything with an address. By linking places together on a map and adding your own narrative context, Krawls is the experience design platform travel aficionados have been waiting for. Keep them private amongst friends or publish Krawls for all the people that enjoy the kind of experiences you do.

Ex: We made a walking Krawl in Santa Cruz, Ca that parks your EV for a charge near coffee and fresh pastries, then a short stroll to a redwood hike trailhead and finally ends up at grass-fed beef burgers and craft beer...heaven! This is not a typical tourist destination, but for certain folks, it's a perfect day with all the mapping, place info and local details in one app to make everything easy.

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Traveling? Discover Krawls: A Powerful Utility With Simplified Planning Features

Search and locate Krawls, wherever you are. Find all the things you want to do, and do them together without any heavy lifting. All the stops are mapped with routes optimized, detailed information on each location, navigation, Uber/Lyft integration...everything is consolidated. There's no need for multiple sites or services. Even if you have no clue and are stepping foot in a brand new city, Krawls solves the classic problem of "what do we do now"? Krawls are rated upvote/downvote, so quality floats to the top.

Sharing and Social Features

Krawls are easily shared with friends & social networks. Organize group Krawl outings with  email or social media. Like someone else's taste in Krawls? Follow them. See Krawl you want to do in the future? Favorite it. Got business you want to promote or an AirBNB? Create a Krawl and broadcast your username; all your published Krawls are easily viewed in your public profile. Private Krawls remain unpublished, just for you and friends.

Explore with Krawls Bot

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With over 14,000 zip codes and counting, pick a city, tap a few preference icons and see what comes up. The Krawls Bot feature finds the best, highest rated places that match your preference input, returning them to you in a mapped sequence. Explore different ideas on what a perfect day might look like in a new part of USA. (Currently, the Krawls Bot only works domestically, but you can make your own Krawls almost anywhere in the world).

A Krawl is your turf, an expression of your local knowledge and an extension of your brand. Our plan is to keep Krawls free and fun forever, eventually introducing a way for brick and mortars to promote the Krawls they create.…and what you create is yours, uniquely. You can even make a bar Krawl.

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