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Introducing NanoSmart™ Technology: Detecting the Medication You Take From Your Breath

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Collaboration with MetroHealth hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio sees the world's first deployment of nGageIT Digital Health's novel breath-based NanoSmart™ and NanoSensor technology for Medication Adherence.

CLEVELAND - Feb. 11, 2019 - Rezul -- NanoSmart™ technology uses nanoparticles to digitally encode the outer layer of each oral medication, turning any oral medication into a digital object that can be tracked from your breath using a smartphone . Developed under nGageIT Digital Health's NanoSmart™ Digital Medicine technology program, this enables verified, non-intrusive, real-time medication and treatment adherence monitoring to take place.

In a collaboration with MetroHealth hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio - advocates for teaching and research – nGageIT Digital Health's NanoSmart™ technology will begin clinical validation trials with MetroHealth's primary care unit, where a target of over 10,000 patients will be engaged in their treatments through nGageIT Digital Health's NanoSmart™ adherence monitoring technology and support over a 24 month period. Treatment focus will initially concentrate on Statins, HPV, and Diabetes, however additional selective areas may also include digitizing oral oncology drugs, digital medicine for hepatitis, and other areas. The product is slated to complete validation trials in 2019.

Medication non-adherence costs the US healthcare system over $300 billion and results in 125,000 premature deaths per year, with more than 1 in 5 new prescriptions going unfilled and two-thirds of patients not taking their medications as prescribed. nGageIT Digital Health's NanoSmart™ technology and their NanoSensor adherence programs can drastically improve patient outcomes through non-intrusive adherence and treatment monitoring integrated with provider care teams. The data sent to provider care in real-time allows them to customize meaningful and timely interventions to improve outcomes.

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With nGageIT Digital Health, MetroHealth primary care program administrators can perform patient treatment monitoring and see when at-risk behaviors are occurring, engaging the patients and intervening to remove treatment adherence barriers. Data from the trial will be used to further develop the NanoSmart™ technology adherence platform.

This has the potential to be especially important for oral oncology drugs, where it can be very difficult positively monitor medication adherence outside the clinic at the patients home.

"The exhaled breath offers a novel frontier in medicine for the development of non-invasive digital medicine solutions for cancer that are an easily deployable Smartphone based intervention." says Dr. Jennifer Murdoch, COO and Chief Clinical Officer of nGageIT Digital Health.

"Leveraging NanoSmart™ technology in serious disease treatment programs could potentially improve outcomes for substantial numbers of cancer patients," she explains.

"We believe this cutting-edge breath-based technology may be the cornerstone to meaningfully increasing survivorship, cures, and ultimately public health. We are looking forward to the emerging clinical data, and eager to see the results from prospective clinical and real-world trials as the program progresses."

nGageIT Digital Health is also developing a related breath-based early cancer and disease detection platform that detects cancerous and other disease states from your breath at very early stages and when it is present.

More About NanoSmart™ Technology

The US pharmaceutical industry alone forfeits an estimated $250 billion annually in potential revenue due to medication non-adherence.

nGageIT Digital Health's NanoSmart™ technology can do what no medication adherence technology can by verifying medication adherence non-intrusively and in real-time through the patient's breath.

With a single breath, the device detects the unique nanoparticle "barcode"  of the drug ingested. The digital biomarker is based on nGageIT Digital Health's proprietary market-leading nanoparticle encoding library.

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By understand the unique breath fingerprint of the patient, nGageIT Digital Health's breath sensor technology can also distinguish if the patient ingesting the drug is the same patient that it was prescribed to. This can be an important factor in tracking Opioid drug use, reducing counterfeit tablets and reducing drug diversion.

This enables accurate reporting of real-time treatment progress, enabling program administrators to easily flag at-risk events and intervene with patients, helping them maintain treatment adherence and increase the likelihood of successful treatment completion.

"The incorporation of relevant breath based digital medicine markers allows us to unequivocally and digitally verify the point of ingestion by the patient in a seamless programmatic fashion for providers and researchers where meaningful interventions can be made." says CEO of nGageIT Digital Health, Raj Reddy.

Hospital, healthcare, and provider systems, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies can utilize nGageIT Digital Health's NanoSmart™ technology in treatment and primary care applications, treatment monitoring, and clinical trials program integration and study adherence verification.

The clinical version of the test for IUO use in prospective studies is expected to launch in 2019 with the commercial version launching in 2020.

About nGageIT Digital Health

nGageIT Digital Health (www.ngageittec.com) are pioneers in the field of digital medicine encoding and sensor technology. nGageIT Digital Health is committed to making medicine smarter to improve patient engagement, enrich insights and optimize therapeutic outcomes, resulting in lower overall system costs and improved health outcomes for populations.

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