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Introducing Effective Weight Loss Solutions With Jody Freid & OmniLife Products Servicing Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Indianapolis, IN, & Chicago, Illinois

Jody Freid: (574) 286-0452
CHICAGO - March 17, 2017 - Rezul -- The time is now to take back control and change your life for the better. By making one small change to introduce OmniLife products into your life you'll see big results when it comes to weight loss and your overall health. If you have tried every other weight loss fad and diet, it's time to try something that works. Jody Freid is one of the many success stories, having lost 66 pounds in 6 months herself. Now, she is introducing OmniLife products to the Midwest area and she's ready to support others on their path to weight loss success. Since 1996, OmniLife has helped thousands of people in the United States transform their lives and their bodies and achieve a healthier lifestyle that lasts.

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Jody Freid is an Independent distributor for OmniLife and she lost 66 pounds in 6 months while using their products. OmniLife products help with a variety of issues including weight loss, energy, digestion, immune health and overall wellness. Jody Freid and OmniLife believe in people taking care of people and customizing the right plan for every individual's goals to ensure success. Contact Jody to get started today.

Visit: https://omnilifeforlife.com/

Jody Freid
(574) 286-0452

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