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In The Elements: Luxzura Brings Nature's Touch To Your Home

MANHATTAN, N.Y. - March 28, 2017 - Rezul -- Online brand is a home decoration store showcasing a new range of unique and natural material-based home furnishings. Starting with their partnership with Auskin, they have set out to bring luxury from nature straight to your home.

Acquiring only genuine and high-quality items with expert craftsmanship, from locations such as New Zealand, Australia, Tibet, and Iceland, Luxzura's intention is to provide the widest range of natural textures for home decoration online.

Initially, their homeware range contains only the soft variety: rugs, cushions, and throws; suitable for Scandinavian style homes with a focus on neutral color tones but also coveted for all styles of interiors.


The collection of sheepskin rugs includes everything from thicker and shorter fur rugs to longer and wavier fur like that of the Icelandic sheepskin (above). Each rug is unique in that the color tone and fur can vary a little from pelt to pelt and so brings a sense of individuality to your home. The collection can be mixed and matched with the cushions of different sizes to create a comfortable and stylish look to any home.

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Designer cowhide cushions, pictured above, provide a patterned alternative to the fur-based accessories. It is a laser cut lattice design on natural cowhide material that gives durability and a wonderful feeling to the cushion.

Matt Iswariah, Owner, Luxzura, said: "Although the collection is small, it is just the beginning. We are looking to bring genuine natural materials to every home in a decorative sense. And this first collection has not only the decorative aspect but the benefit of comfort to the customer as well."

Luxzura's new collection is available throughout North America & Europe from their online platform at


Source: Luxzura

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