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Glowscenes Lighting Inspired By Nature

There is nothing more serene than the natural look of wood and the calming rays of a sunset. Wouldn't it be nice if we could capture this and bring it indoors?

HOLBROOK, N.Y. - April 20, 2017 - Rezul -- LED lighting has come a long way, but when it comes to home décor, BLEH! There is nothing but plastic Glowy thingies, dangerous candles and color changing lightbulbs.

That is until now! Introducing Glowscenes, a truly unique take on home lighting décor. It is the brainchild of Long Island native Guido Bonelli and is visually addictive to look at.

Using modern laser cutting technology melded with the natural look of wood (Black walnut), it captures the warm and vivid colors of a sunset. While the nature scene at its center is extremely captivating, he would describe it as a kind of mini vacation for your eyes.

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What drove Guido to create this unique lighting sculpture was the cold and bleak fluorescent lighting we sit under all day long. It is depressing. He wanted to bring the soft, warm and relaxing tones of a sunset into his home and office. However, it needed to have a certain look; it had to have a furniture like quality and feel. He did not want this to be a trinket but rather a conversation piece that the queen of England would be proud to display at her dinner table.

He is going to be launching this product on Kickstarter this coming June and is currently notifying the public of the upcoming launch.

For those who sign up now, they will get exclusive access to early bird pricing, 20% MSRP and be the first to know when they can preorder it. More pictures and video can be found at his website.

For sample units, please contact Guido Bonelli. Hurry, only 2 available.

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