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SPRING LAKE, N.C. - Rezul -- They tried to make me a felon for simply selling a lawful annuity. Let's set the record straight!
Mr. Hauptman at your luncheon with Paul Swanson who's Don Andersons good friend, and also an attorney who worked tirelessly during Don's first campaign to help him be elected Lake County DA. Why did you guy's discuss my case in the first place? Why would Mr. Hauptman return from his luncheon the day before closing arguments, and tell me he's NOT calling our four best witnesses who were waiting in the lobby to testify on my behalf? Which were Ed Robey, Roy Parmentier, Jerry Waywack all three happy clients, and then my best friend Steve Heynor who has known me, and how I've done business for 25 years as well as a member of  my church. Why Mitch would a luncheon with Paul Swanson discourage you to call them. We had a plan and you were saving the best for last. What happened, and what was said during your lunch for you to not follow our game plan?

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When your in the heat of battle why would you pull your best artillery off the battlefield? Sinister motive, and probably highly unethical and illegal as far as I can see???

I was arrested, tried, convicted and then exonerated for a non -crime. I was charged with a felony because I sold an annuity. The supposed crime selling an annuity to a woman because the state believed at the time of the sell the client had the onset of dementia. No one in America has ever been charged with anything like it. It wasn't a crime in the first place, and has never been a crime. I was charged with "larceny". Larceny is a specific intent crime it requires a taking? What was taken ? Nothing. A matter of fact the client made over $42,000.00 on her annuitization value, so why didn't the judge just throw it out?
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