Giftapart exhibiting at NRF 2019: Retail's Big Show

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Giftapart will continue to introduce its revolutionary social ecommerce marketplace to retailers

SOMERVILLE, N.J. - Jan. 9, 2019 - Rezul -- Giftapart Inc., the tech startup that has invented a new way of gifting, will be exhibiting its revolutionary social ecommerce marketplace to retailers at the National Retailer Federation annual Retail's Big Show in New York City.

The Giftapart platform provides users with a new way to engage in gifting. "When your birthday is coming up, don't make your family and friends waste time guessing for what you want, just use our fun and easy tools to separate the gift into affordable parts, and post it on Giftapart," said Filipe Pedroso, Esq., founder and CEO, "They'll thank you for it!"

When someone uses Giftapart, they can post the gifts that they want to receive irrespective of how much the items cost. "That's because our patent-pending system automatically breaks it up into affordable parts, so your friends can contribute the parts that they can afford," explained Pedroso.

Gift receivers use Giftapart to make gift lists of things they want, and then prioritize the list into what they want first, second and so forth. "It doesn't matter how much the item costs, because the gift givers don't buy the whole item, they buy parts, and together all the gift givers get you the things you really want," added Pedroso. "So the gift receiver maintains total control over what items they get, and, unlike any other gift registry system in the world, they get the items in precisely the order they want."

In contrast to traditional gift registries where a party host may list many items he or she wants, and then the guest selects one or more of the items, the Giftapart system removes the selection process completely from the gift giver. "The only thing the gift giver has to select is how many parts to buy, that's it," said Pedroso, "Giftapart is the easiest and fastest way to gift. No more wondering what someone wants, no more buying a guilt-packed gift card, and no more wasted time."

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"Giftapart is a win-win-win for everyone. It's a win for the gift receivers because they are guaranteed to get exactly what they want in the precise order that that they want. It's a win for the gift givers because they don't need to guess, waste time, or buy something that wasn't liked. And, it's a win for the retailers because sales through Giftapart lead to more satisfied customers and less returns," explained Pedroso.

"All gifting through Giftapart is extremely social and interactive," commented Pedroso, "making gifting actually more connected and social."

Kevyn Jaremko, Director of Software Development, said, "What we're doing feels like a natural progression for gifting. Ecommerce has improved the way we shop, and social media has changed how we interact with others. We're building off of these cultural shifts to create a platform that will make gift giving easier, more social, and more fun for everyone. In doing so, I hope that Giftapart will not only help more people get what they really want, but also encourage people to give more."

Gift giving has deep roots in the human desire for social interaction and status. Today, gift giving continues its worldwide social importance and is done by all cultures around the world.

Understanding the social nature of gifting, Giftapart has incorporated social media into every aspect of its platform. When a gift giver purchases parts, the contributor can leave a social comment with the purchase that is permanently linked to those parts. This is clarified by Pedroso, "I'm invited to your party, so I get a link to the event that you create on Giftapart, and easily see the gift you want. So all I do is click on a few parts that result in an amount within my comfort zone. Then, I pay, and am invited to leave a social comment, such as, 'happy birthday, look forward to seeing you at the party,' or whatever I want. That's it. Now, this comment is linked to my gift giving and the parts that I bought, so my gift receiver can see my comments, interact back, and easily find it anytime. Plus, there's a general social feed associated with every gift list."

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In other words, says Pedroso, "Giftapart has successfully merged the essentials of gifting — the giving and the social — while making gifting easier, cooler and faster."

The marketplace has numerous other innovative features. It has the world's first open social discussion about products. "Every product has a specific and unique social feed so people can have a real, meaningful, and open discussion about products," said Pedroso, "When you think about it, companies have been doing the review-system for years, but there's nowhere to just chat about a product with other users, retailers, and anyone. Now you can."

Giftapart's event planning "is the best place to plan your event, manage guests' RSVPs, chat with your invitees, link your gift lists, and keep all your guests' and your event media in one place," added Pedroso.

In addition to gifting, Giftapart users can shop for all types of products in the marketplace. "We currently have about 2.5 million products available on Giftapart, but this number is growing quickly," said Pedroso, "Giftapart only lists products from established, credible and ethical retailers. We don't allow third-party selling on Giftapart, and have a commitment to our users to give them a place to shop that they can trust."

Pedroso stated: "Giftapart's motto is, if you can dream it, you can have it. Now with Giftapart, you really can!"

Retailers interested in finding out more about partnership opportunities can contact Giftapart at Inquires are accepted from established retailers.

Liana V. Pedroso
Dir., Corp. Communications & Public Relations

Source: Giftapart
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