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Gervois Hotel Rating releases today its 2017 ratings of the finest hotels in the United States

A new hotel rating system is now disrupting the hotel rating business in response to the inflation of stars, diamonds and awards offered to luxury hotels by companies financially interested in hotel bookings - not by the real customer experience.

NEW YORK - March 9, 2017 - Rezul -- The Gervois rating system is a new hotel rating system created by Pierre Gervois, a NYC-based media entrepreneur and Publisher of the iconic luxury travel STC magazine. Pierre Gervois has extensive experience in luxury hotels and has reviewed countless properties all around the world for the last twenty years.

"Over the years, I have been disappointed by the numerous existing hotel rating systems," said Pierre Gervois. "Too often, there is a tendency to give too generous ratings to hotel members of luxury hotels chains and to underrate independent boutique hotels," he added.

Based on these facts, Pierre Gervois created an entirely new hotel rating system, purely based on the sole merits of each property, considered alone, regardless of its association to a hotel chain, an affiliation program, other rating systems, or online reviews. Every hotel is rated professionally and independently, without any preconception about the property.

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"Most of existing hotel rating & reviewing systems are produced by companies having a direct financial interest in bookings from the hotels they are rating, hence overly positive ratings and an inflation of stars, diamonds, laurels, gold medals and awards that do not always reflect the reality" added Pierre Gervois.

In order to achieve a complete independence from the hospitality industry, Gervois Hotel Rating do not receive any advertising revenues or commissions on rooms bookings from hotels, hotels chains or online travel agencies.

"Gervois Hotel Rating is on the discerning traveler's side, not on the hotel booking business' side," concluded Mr Gervois.

The Gervois Hotel Rating rate hotels according to five essential criteria: Location, Building, Atmosphere, Dining and Service, each rated on a 20 point scale. The addition of the points gives the final rating, on a 100 point scale.

This rating system allows for greater precision and flexibility in the complex task of rating a hotel that might have many highlights but also some flaws that need to be clearly designated for transparent information.

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84 U.S. properties have been curated and rated over a one year process, through inspections carefully conducted by a small group of international frequent travelers, all reviewed and validated by Pierre Gervois.

The 2017 Gervois Hotel Ratings are available on http://www.gervoisrating.com.

Also available on
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GervoisRating
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gervoisrating/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/GervoisRating/

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Source: Gervois Hotel Rating

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