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Several Municipalities have successfully incorporated this No Chemical, No Maintenance Guaranteed solution to reducing Carbon Pollution that forces Diesel Regeneration Cycles.

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Rezul -- Over the years, many have experienced "Snake Oil" salespeople that made false promises. The ECO Fuel System has been proven to work for over 15 years. Due to the diligent efforts and dedication of the ECO Fuel System Warehouse Director Cary Nagdeman a proven guaranteed solution is finally being recognized. References available.

Just last week one of the largest counties in Florida tested the ECO solution. The Superintendant with years of experience was shocked when he saw some of their Transit Buses experienced 30+ hours between REGEN Cycles. A transit bus normal Regen cycles is 10-14 hours, a 75% reduction due to reduced Carbon Particulates being released.

What does that mean? Fuel Savings, every forced REGEN Cycle burns or wastes +/-8 gallons of fuel. Reduced Maintenance Expenses; Diesel Regeneration Cycles or REGEN's are activated by a Diesel motors computer (ECM) to assist in burning the carbon from a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Unfortunately REGEN Cycles do not totally clean a DPF.

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On Transit and School buses it is common for a filter to get clogged with Carbon Particulates. When that happens the vehicle needs to be serviced to clean or replace the expensive DPF (+/-$2,500). To clean a DPF the cost is +/-$400.00, after 2-3 cleaning it needs to be replaced. The cost to replace a Diesel P{articulate Filter (DPF) is +/-$2,300. Additional expenses are towing (+/-$300) and downtime (2-3-days).

Those who are using the ECO Fuel Filter/Enhancer are very happy that they are able to reduce REGEN Cycles +/-75%. The annual savings for a Transit Coach bus is $3,000 or more. The annual savings for a Diesel School bus is $1,500 or more per year. It works by electrolysis helping fuel burn cleaner, No Chemicals or Maintenance required.

Bottom line, the reduced maintenance expenses and downtime can be achieved by the ECO Fuel System reducing Carbon Pollution and Greenhouse gases. Today the call is for reducing pollution, municipalities and businesses primarily look at financial benefits. Now we both win, save money while reducing pollution.

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The ECO Fuel System (https://ecofuelmax.com) is a patented, proven and guaranteed solution that can save Diesel owners +/-$3,000 annually for a few hundred dollars. Those who use it spread the word, those who want to reduce maintenance expenses and downtime need to test it for themselves. No Risk, if for any reason a buyer is unhappy return it for a refund. To date the ECO has a 100% BBB A+ rating (12+ years). No one returns them because it works.

For more information call ECO Fuel Systems, LLC or go online and review the many certified reports and details

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