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Connexica announced as a National Technology Awards finalist for the Best Public Sector Project

STAFFORDSHIRE, England - March 16, 2017 - Rezul -- Connexica's latest innovation CXFIRE (Connexica Fraud Investigation and Reporting Engine) has been shortlisted for 'Best Public Sector Project.' Used as the underlying technology behind the 'Kent Intelligence Network' (the KIN), the CXFIRE solution allows the Council to combine 13 local authorities' data sets, apply advanced data matching algorithms and use these to identify potential fraud cases for investigation. Currently the project is set to save the network over £4 million in the first five years.

Gary Luke, Managing Director of Connexica said: "Our core solution CXAIR breaks away from traditional business intelligence solutions, with a modern self-service approach to data analytics and reporting sold throughout the world by ourselves and our global network of partners. From the basis of our core solution we are able to design and produce innovative solutions for the public and private sector such as CXFIRE. This solution uses CXAIR's strengths to address a growing need to reduce and detect fraudulent activity through self-service technology - helping local government to recover misspent funds in a time where budgets are as tight as ever."

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The National Technology Awards, hosted by FStech Magazine, are the showcase for the leaders of technology. The National Technology Awards were created to allow the technology sector to shine, celebrating the pioneers of new technology and to help drive standards and encourage excellence.

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