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Art Inspires Innovations, Spring Collection

Focus on artistic process led to striking new wallcoverings like Watercolor

NEW YORK - Feb. 28, 2017 - Rezul -- Creating art, the process and the fluidity of materials, inspires the Innovations Design Studio. They poured their passion into their spring 2017 collection—a collection of ten wallcoverings, like Watercolor, that aspire to the Bauhaus principle of art for everyday life, with art for every wall.

"We're passionate about art. Often the work of a specific artist will be a jumping off point for us, but in the process of developing the design, the process takes over. You have an idea, but the physicality of the material has a life of its own," says VP of Sales Michael Freedman.

The waterfall paintings of contemporary artist Pat Steir were a jumping off point for Watercolor. The new, 52-inch wallcovering explores the vertical movement of water and paint in eight colors inspired by spring, from a viridescent pastel to rich Raw Umber. A tremendous amount of color, digitally rendered, goes into each large-scale piece.

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About Innovations:

A design-driven, family-owned company, Innovations in Wallcoverings, Inc., has been creating unique solutions for interiors since 1975. Their Design Studio, based in New York City, collaborates with artisans around the world to develop solutions for the vertical surface—wallcoverings, textiles and faux leathers—all offered with the highest level of personal service. At Innovations, the name speaks for itself.


Kate Tucker

Source: Innovations

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