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Ann Arbor Networks and Bluetrain Computers Combine to make A2 Security

Two network security companies have recently conglomerated to form one of the best cyber security companies

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - April 2, 2017 - Rezul -- News Source:

Date Published: April 2nd 2017 - Sunday 11:24 GMT

Press Contact: Louis Powers

Press Release:

Two networking companies Ann Arbor Networks, and Bluetrain Computers have conglomerated to form the network consultancy a2 Security. According to the A2 Security spokesman

"A2 Security is a new and valuable cyber security company that will take off providing valuable and practical cyber security programs effectively and securely."

The spokeman continued reinforcing the sentiments during the conference and stated several times that "A2 Security provided world-class network consulting and cyber security support, A2 Security is pragmatic, damn it. "
The company spokesperson continued on " New regulations for New York such as NYCRR 500 prove that companies like are essential for providing cost-effective and secure network services."

A2 Security, LLC. is picking up where Ann Arbor Networks, LLC and Bluetrain Computers left off. A2 Security will continue to provide network security and consultation to existing clients.

Cyber security company A2 Security spokesman Louis Powers

A2 Security

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