launches 50+ tools for Realtors overnight--disrupting $40 billion RETech industry

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New disruptive startup, founded by Real Estate Agents, launches overnight to take on the "exploitative nature of the Real Estate Tech Industry

HOUSTON - Rezul -- Just after Valentine's Day, Real Estate Tech Startup posted a picture with the phrase "Fall in Love with your CRM again" just before opening the floodgates to a full suite of technologies for Realtors, mostly free.

The battle of RETech has increased exponentially in recent years. A 2019 study showed that the CRM industry alone had ballooned to a $40 Billion industry.

Many agents have become overwhelmed. "The disparate nature of this emerging tech, and high-cost, means that many agents are lost and aren't sure what to use or if it warrants the price," said Joshua Miller, Co-Founder of "We wanted to quiet that noise and make the technology free or as cheap as possible," said partner and Co-Founder David Melvin. Both Miller and Melvin are seasoned real estate agents with backgrounds in marketing, app development, software engineering, and of course using Real Estate Tech. "David and I usually try everything. We are kind of technology junkies" Miller said adding "The issue is cost. So many agents have just begun their careers and now there are CRMs out there charging $500+ a month! We think agents are being taken advantage of — at least that's how we felt".

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"We wake up every morning and have a Zoom call, coffee in hand, and go over what we want to do next," Melvin said. "I'm constantly thinking…what else can we make or offer for free'" he added. That mindset shows in the number of tools available upon launch. From a CRM to a Social Suite Platform, Landing Page Builder, Free Websites for All, — there are over 50 tools for agents. Some are free, some cheap, and some freemium. "I wish we could do it all for free," said Melvin. "We can't host everything ourselves and some of the tools still require third-parties (for now). In instances like that we simply pass along the cost without a markup" he added. "Our goal was never to get rich, but to disrupt an industry that we feel is taking advantage of agents. We will, of course, look to pay staff, servers, and add more features --but we just aren't the Lamborghini-driving dollar-sign-eyed guys like so many others in the tech industry. We want this to be the first place people start, and if other companies want to charge $500 per month for every user then they better be worth it!".

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