Wellness News

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha will conduct two-day discourse series to help participants understand the Aim and Limitations of Meditation.
Technology is now allowing people to use their own voice to induce a state of Bliss, no prescription required!
Over 5,000 locations in 150+ Countries on Six Continents Building Communities of Wellness via: Complimentary Classes & Demonstrations Providing Healthy Living Tools for Physical and Mental Well-being
Good Shepherd Baptist Church Welcomes You to Come Out and Share!
Studies show that Your Voice is the Ultimate Healer for your Own Body. Bio Energy Wellness Miami allows anyone to Experience Voice Scalar Therapy Delivered to their Iphone
Obesity is One of the Largest Drivers of Preventable Chronic Disease; LeanMD's 360 Degree Solution is Medically Supervised, Pharmaceutically Enhanced, and Features Advancements in Healthcare
While many celebs are now getting their Chakras aligned, a new Boutique Wellness Spa in Miami Beach is taking healing to the next level as GDV Technology allows clients to visually see their Chakra Centers
Rose & Abbot is offering a new personalized skin analysis to educate beauty shoppers on the key-ingredients to improve their skin
Tiny "Carrots" Don't Work, But Charging Smokers More Slashes Everyone's Costs
The Food Service Wellness Training and Certification course is designed for chefs, managers, supervisors, support staff, and anyone involved with healthy dining and wellness for onsite foodservice. It's a comprehensive, efficient way to become wellness ce
Derived from the kava kava root, kava tea is known to have meditative properties