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"Moving from the DOCSIS 3.0 generation into this DOCSIS 3.1 generation can be executed with a smooth migration plan as opposed to a forklift"
DOCSIS 3.1 will help address increased demand for bandwidth and speed that's coming both from developers creating new bandwidth-hungry apps and services as well as the consumers who want to use them.
The recent emergence of DOCSIS 3.1 represents a major technological development that will make cable operators more attractive to the small and medium-sized business segment.
"NSPs want to ensure that the capital expenditures they make — which can be very substantial for this segment of the market — have a long life. They also want to make sure that their investments optimize end-user satisfaction."
The single layer approach makes it possible for broadcasters to more efficiently use network and production resources. It eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades or duplicate processes.
"For NSPs, the platform economics continually shift to favor OTT-like IP delivery methods instead of to traditional broadcasting"
"The TEC is a safe space where people can come in, put on a headset, have access to a wide variety of the latest immersive production technologies, and start experimenting. We are working with a wide variety of creative and technology partners. We are...
"The most innovative aspect of immersive experiences is that the experience taps into our limbic brain, which means really interacting with our animal brain."
"By leveraging IoT-enabled devices in the home, with big data, we will be able to work with partners to deliver experiences, products and services that are closely aligned with consumers habits and preferences"
"Content creators need to embrace the audience, inspire a sense of awe and wonder, experiment with new technologies and gaming engines..and push boundaries."
"Technicolor is working with Metrological's Application Platform – as well the open-source Web-Platform for Embedded (WPE) browser – to integrate new functionality into Technicolor's 4K Ultra HD hybrid cable and IP set-top boxes."
The acceptance of Technicolor HDR by the standards community -- and the increasing adoption of this technology by the industry – will accelerate the availability of high-quality HDR experiences across a range of consumer devices.
As the number of client devices go up, they compete for "air time" to connect to the home gateway to either transmit or receive data from the Internet. This creates a requirement to manage data and devices through subsystems within the Wi-Fi gateways.
"NSPs can bypass a lot of headaches by offering their own solutions, using equipment that's prequalified in their network to improve the experience. It also creates an opportunity to establish an environment in which the NSPs can capture and retain...
The number of operators and platforms operating in the content creation and distribution space has quickly increased the rate of innovation and the proliferation of new content formats. This creates a requirement to manage a complex array of content...
"Technicolor has been an early adopter of open platforms and is a major contributor to Frog By Wyplay, according to Coutts. The two companies have a long history of collaboration on millions of deployments at the some of the largest and most innovative...
"Technicolor is working with chip-set partners to integrate all the necessary parameters, interfaces and other information needed to support managed wireless services in the home – using Wi-Fi Doctor -- into its software development kits (SDKs)."
"An effective HDR strategy is emerging as an important aspect of how NSPs address the rise of over-the-top (OTT) services that are gaining popularity in EMEA."
"Properly implemented, an effective managed Wi-Fi can help NSPs reduce churn and even create new, revenue-generating opportunities."
The number of Euskaltel customers using new – next generation –TV functions is eight times bigger than two years ago. And the number of hours spent watching TV with these new functionalities has multiplied by 20.
The number of Euskaltel customers using new – next generation –TV functions is eight times bigger than two years ago. And the number of hours spent watching TV with these new functionalities has multiplied by 20.