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CHARLESTON, S.C. - -- Teleios surveyed Christians to determine their beliefs about their Christian life. Of the 216 participants the majority were: female (65%), <35 years old (93%), from the United States (63%), and evangelical (63%).
The Untamed: An Introduction to the Difficult and Dangerous Way of Christ explores aspects of the Christian life that are tragically missing from Christian conversations.
CHANDLER, Ariz. - -- For years, Bible Illiteracy and Bible apathy has been on the rise ( in the United States, even though 70% of Americans respect the Bible and 60% wish they read it more, fewer...
The Spin Awards will roll out the launch of "The Spin Awards Radio Hall Of Fame " established to recognize those with at least a 15 year background in the Christian Gospel Radio industry.
CHARLESTON, S.C. - -- Christianity is the foundation of Western Society. However, many in political and academic arenas deny the historical and current benefits of Christianity.
Thea Coker, a 69 year-old writer from Pensacola, Florida, started life as a rebel. "I was stubborn and headstrong," says Coker. "I was not easily controlled. I didn't want anyone else telling me what to do."
Featuring a large selection of religious goods, The Christian Gift Shop is the online destination for anyone wanting to expand their collection of faith-based items. The Christian Gift Shop wants to keep you motivated and inspired in your faith.
I did not eat or drink for 3 days! Watch me fast on YouTube!
New name and logo reflects scalable programs with increasing impact on vulnerable children
Gulfport Couple Seeks to Help Indie Artists Jump-Start Their Music Careers