Memoir News

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. - Jan. 11, 2018 - -- Lorelei Garnes is a graduate of SCC and WCU and a local business owner of WNC Social Media Buzz.
BHC Press signs publishing deal with iconic film producer Howard Ziehm for his autobiography TAKE YOUR SHAME AND SHOVE IT, set for release in 2018.
"Sexual Assault: Do The Memories Fade Over Time?" Author/Speaker/Advocate Veronica Loving speaks candidly about sexual assault and other topics in her new memoir "Feeding A Monster." Veronica Loving is now available for interviews, radio and television...
When a lymphoma scare threatened the life of a journalist, she began a quest to find the correct medical diagnosis for the mysterious illness she'd battled for nearly 20 years. She turned to her favorite TV show, House M.D., for inspiration. She used...
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - March 10, 2017 - -- TidePool Press is pleased to announce the publication of Fake Smiles, a graceful and timely memoir by Tony Rogers that Jeffrey Frank, former senior editor at the New Yorker, has praised as a "deeply moving account...
The author of "Miserable Holiday Stories" tells a true, coming-of-age story set in the breakneck world of 1980s stand-up comedy.
GREENWICH, Conn. - Nov. 18, 2016 - -- "Horseneck – The Meaning of Ordeal" is by far the most different book. Book #4 in the narrative series just came out, and you'll understand, says the heroine of this particular narrative, what an ordeal is once...
Unexpected Prisoner set for official release on Veterans Day, 11/11/16
Lords Hill Memoir "A Place Only God Could Save Me From" by: Maggie Miller
MEBANE, N.C. - Aug. 6, 2016 - -- This collection of memoirs by Rita Berman and her cousins describes how their family suffered through the war-time events of food rationing, evacuations, and the bombing of their grandparents' house and factory in WW2...
In her sequel to 'Martha Ruth, Preacher's Daughter' Marti Eicholz shares her ongoing journey and unrelenting search for self-acceptance and within her own heart and soul.
Published by Texas Tech University Press, "Carrying the Black Bag" is now available nationwide
Teen Chat, One Mother's Hilarious Journey Through the Treacherous Waters of Parenting a Teen
"Merullo paints a vivid portrait of a glorious adventure for golfers and gourmets" - BookReporter
Taking readers on an exhilarating ride, With New Eyes, details architecting life 2.0 through a series of bold decisions and adventures.
"Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia" by Marija Bulatovic Hailed as "Unforgettable"
- Aug. 6, 2015 - SOHO, U.K. -- Alan Wakeman, writer, playwright, gay rights activist, the man who changed the way the world learns English and who gave us vegan cookery before we knew what vegan meant, has finally told the story of his own personal...
"Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina" is the saga of a San Diego tourist stuck in the dank and hellacious Superdome during Hurricane Katrina. Actor John Lithgow described the book as "stirring".
The Secrets of the Frankenstein inspiration are discovered in the Private Memoirs of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley!