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Proof-of-concept study suggests novel drug has potential to help aging adults become fitter, faster, stronger, and more active
NEW YORK - Feb. 18, 2019 - -- JE Aesthetics of New York's Upper East Side announces the opening of its second location.  Conveniently located at 77 Park Avenue in Hoboken, New Jersey.  JE Aesthetics will continue to offer its personalized skin..
GILBERT, Ariz. - Feb. 18, 2019 - -- has launched a statewide realtor AC rewards program. This program offers Arizona realtors a purchase discount code that can be used for their clients to receive a discount on a new AC unit should the...
QUINCY, Mass. - Feb. 18, 2019 - -- It's impossible to understand how painful divorce is, if you haven't been through it.
Four Fabulous April to May Floral Fever Day Trips from Tokyo
Emsculpt builds muscle & Burns fat without downtime, sweat, or surgery.
What began as an attempt to clean the beach of plastic after a surfing weekend 10 years ago has become a global lifestyle brand and movement with a mission to save the oceans.
Can Two Adversaries Become Best Friends? Let the audience decide! A hysterical short film that looks at the lives of salon patrons and the hairdresser that is their common thread. Messina Captor Films will be partnering with Sofy.TV during a weeklong spec
LONODON, England - Feb. 15, 2019 - -- Rosie Unite, Founder and CEO of ImaginateLife®, Inspiring Speaker, Best-Selling Author® and Advisor, shares two positive stories to help readers deal with bullies in a way that cultivates new possibilities instead...
A Unique Approach to Military Veteran Wellness and Success Supported by Mentors