Bitcoin News

World of Ether brings Pokémon style gameplay to the Ethereum blockchain; presale validates proof of need.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden - Jan. 14, 2018 - -- Lanseringen vil bli finansiert med historiens største ICO (Initial Coin Offering), med kommende private pre-salg på $500 millioner, og emisjon på $700 millioner; totalt $1.2 milliarder USD.
Antalya Homes is now accepting Bitcoin and other crypto currency as payment for property sales in Turkey. The move reflects Antalya Homes's mission to embrace global trends and offer buyers more flexibility for ease of purchase.
DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Dec. 21, 2017 - -- Denison Yachting has announced that it will accept Bitcoin as payment for new yachts, following the completion of its first ever sale of a yacht involving Bitcoin.
A new artificial intelligence startup "A for AI" analyzed stock prices around the world and found that the most expensive nanoseconds on Earth are located in US equities markets.
Bookies are racing to accommodate the industry's billions of dollars spent in Bitcoin.
10096758, a top Rolex watch retailer, Now Accepts Bitcoin payments for its Rolex Watches Via Coinbase, Bitfinex, & Stripe
NYC gaming startup Gizer, issuing their GZR token in a Nov. 30 token sale, has taken a number of measures to ensure their project does not fall victim to the investor wariness surrounding the lack of transparency in some ICOs.
Butler has announced an exciting innovation in the fast-growing world of cryptocurrency, the BUTLER BLACK CARD (, a sleek, wallet-sized card with two embedded screens displaying live updates of cryptocurrency values against the world's m
10095922 is providing free, full spectrum of services for people who are searching for cryptocurrency resources.
First ever Bitcoins loans arranged by America 2030. Bitcoin has become mainstream and lenders are willing to lend against it. A total of $33 million in loans has been arranged. Bitcoin is unstoppable.
"Cryptocurrency for the Global Christian Community" As of 11/11/17 @ 3 PM Eastern CFRN Partners were given access to the CT Global Coin Pre-Sale. Pre-Sale opens for the general public 12/1/17 @ 3 PM Eastern.
America 2030.Net is one of the first intermediaries to offer loans against most popular types of crypto currencies or digital currencies, as they are also commonly known.
Currency FinTech firm Elite E Services publishes research analysis book on Crypto Currencies and Blockchain technology
MANCHESTER, N.H. - Oct. 5, 2017 - -- Puff Puff Vapors announces an integration with the Bitcoin blockchain, the world's leading digital cryptocurrency, to buy products from Puff Puff Vapors line of premium USA made e-liquids.
Clairvoyant Inc. launches their third financial app this year on the Apple App Store.
GinJaPay Personal Invoicing service for WhatsApp allows bitcoin to be accepted as a form of payment.
CENTRAL, Singapore & VERONA, Italy - Aug. 18, 2017 - -- Jetcoin, leader in sports and entertainment in the cryptocurrency world, fortifies its partnership with Hellas Verona, Italian Serie A Football Club, in the first search for Jetcoin soccer talents.
$GRWI is the world's first fully decentralized Seed-to-Sale and Strain Chain platform for legal cannabis growers and related businesses
$GRWI is the world's first fully decentralized Seed-to-Sale and Strain Chain platform for legal cannabis growers and related businesses