Belize Real Estate News

PLACENCIA, Belize - March 15, 2019 - -- When reporters at U.S. News and World Report began to notice a change in international retirement patterns, they wanted to know why people from around the globe were putting off retirement. A surprise awaited them..
BELIZE CITY, Belize - Feb. 14, 2019 - -- Once upon a time, the migration route between North America and Costa Rica looked like a buffalo stampede. Retirees and people weary of stress-filled lifestyles snapped up property like kids in candy stores. But...
PLACENCIA, Belize - Feb. 11, 2019 - -- The international real estate market flits around like a curious butterfly, landing in one place until prices start to rise and once-affordable properties are beyond reach for many retirees. Fortunately, Belize has..
COROZAL, Belize - Jan. 26, 2019 - -- Developer Mark Leonard never grows tired of being asked his opinion on why the Belize real estate market picking up steam. As the developer of Belize's Cerros Sands community, where luxury seafront condominiums are...
BELIZE CITY, Belize - Jan. 9, 2019 - -- When Mark Leonard's hot Belize development, Cerros Sands, opened 61 new parcels to the real estate market, four parcels were sold before the sun set as early visitors toured the new development. Another parcel was..