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Wall Street Financier Plans to End Parties and Take on the Electoral System

This financier has had enough of the lies, deception, and destructive behavior of the parties. Through education and lawyers, he plans on changing it all and ending parties [the middlemen] in the process. This will give Americans all the power.

NEW YORK - March 2, 2017 - Rezul -- Financier, author, independent voting advocate, and Washington, DC native Marco Valdivieso was brought up around the political and social circles in DC, so he knows very well how politics and politicians operate. Marco explains, "Like most of us, I had enough of the lies, deception, corruption, collusion on Capitol Hill and the electoral process." So Marco decided to take action by using his Wall Street corporate restructuring and change management talents and focusing on changing all of it. These suggested changes include:

- Opening up primaries to everyone (on average, about 22 are open nationally, depending on the year). Closed primaries are usually funded by taxpayers yet they are seen as private events, that will soon be clear to everyone.

- Changing the electoral process to include candidates from other parties (or independents).

- Changing the electoral process so that the government and the people run it, not the parties, which is how it is done in most countries (this includes changing the Electoral College).

Marco's approach is simple yet effective. Through his book "Independent Like Our Founding Fathers" and the accompanying non-profit, he plans to:

1. Educate the public on political history in order to empower them. If you know the rules, no one can lie to you.

2. Use the non-profit and lawyers (and reaching out to Congress members) to create real political and electoral change.

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3. Spread the word about independent thinking, and show the average person how to properly think on their own without groups, parties etc. This will also help in filtering nonsense, fake news, etc.

The Spark that Lit the Fire

"Most people don't know that parties are entities that aren't bound to any US system or document and can be replaced at any time. So parties simply create a constant flow of alarm in order for people to run to them for false comfort and in order to stay in power," the author notes. Why did Marco write this book to begin with? He said, "I started to research and write this book in 2011 because like most of us, I was tired of not knowing anything about the electoral system. This gave all the power to the parties which led me to follow and/or listen to them blindly. Now that I have become empowered with political knowledge, I want to empower all Americans. I will be providing historical and political knowledge through my book and non-profit/website with a fresh and interesting approach that will appeal to a twelve-year-old as well as a sixty-year-old."

Fighting Using History and Facts

Marco continues, "Most people are also unaware that the first political party in the US didn't exist until 1791 (the Federalist Party). The only established parties in the colonies were the Whig and Tory Parties from England. This means that since the first English settlement at Jamestown in 1607, America existed without any political party systems of its own for more than 184 years." His research also pointed to the fact that all party ideals change every thirty years or so, which means that they are essentially a different party than they were thirty, sixty, or even ninety years ago. "With all the constant wrongdoings in both parties, through the years both the Democrats and Republicans have been losing their legitimacy and membership at a very fast rate," he states.

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"This is why there has been an increase of independent voters now than in 2008, which is the year that the numbers spiked during Obama's presidential race. According to a well-regarded Gallup Poll, 43% of all Americans consider themselves to be independent. There are now more independent voters than there are members in the Republican Party or Democratic Party. Since 2008, no president going forward will be elected without the independent majority vote, which is one of the many reasons Clinton lost to Trump. She alienated this dominant group, while Sanders embraced them," he continues.

He says, "Changes are coming and I plan to move forward very quickly with my team. If there is one thing that the 2016 presidential election proved, is that real, tangible, and quick changes need to happen in order to restructure and strengthen the political and electoral system. Getting rid of the middle-man [parties] and becoming closer to our politicians is key on making this country function for the people." Marco concludes with saying, "The parties are at the lowest in trust, power, unity, and ratings. If you are going to take them on, there can be no other perfect time. Any frustrated fellow Americans are welcome to join this restructuring movement, and there are tens, if not hundreds of millions of us."

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