'A Walk in the Woods' an Exhibit of American Landscape Paintings

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PORTLAND, Maine - Jan. 10, 2019 - Rezul -- Richard Boyd Art Gallery opens an exhibition of original paintings depicting landscapes on Friday, March 1 at 10:00 a.m.

Visual arts portraying landscapes have been around for centuries and remain one of the most collected. Whether created en plein air to capture the natural light and color in the area or in a studio setting using a sketch or photograph as a reference, each work represents the artist's vision of that place in time.

The exhibit is comprised of a selection of paintings in a range of mediums and styles by gallery artists' Patricia Chandler, Carrin Culotta, Kevin Daley, Jane Herbert, and Scarlet Kinney.

A Walk in the Woods is on view free of charge between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March 31, 2019. Additional days and times by chance or scheduled by appointment.

About the Artists

Patricia Chandler
is a fine and commercial artist, and educator whose career spans more than five decades. She received her BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island and MFA in Painting and Printmaking from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

When asked about her creative process Pat said, "My creative process and production inevitably refer to my geographic roots. Throughout my 50 year career as a commercial and fine artist, I have retained an interest in various forms of realism persisting in contemporary 20th and 21st century art.

My imagery, though based on landscape, evolved from realism into expressionism and abstraction. Part of that transition was due to more experimental attitudes toward tools and materials. Most of my more recent work is a combination of those styles; however, there remains a love of realism. It is all landscape of one variety or another. The variety of Maine's natural beauty is sufficient for many lifetimes of an artist."

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Carrin Culotta is a Biomedical Engineer in the medical imaging field by training, who has created visual art on and off again for many years.

When asked what inspires you to create visual art? Carrin replied, "Having grown up in New England I acquired an appreciation for its unique beauty and seasons. My adventurous spirit and love for untamed natural settings inspires me to paint on location in and around northern New England.

I use art to channel my creative focus on natural subjects and to evoke the emotion I feel while experiencing it. Art allows me to immerse myself in the beauty of nature and the mystery of a moment in time."

Kevin Daley is an educator and fine artist who creates paintings on location and in his studio in West Paris, Maine. When asked what inspires you to paint? Kevin replied, "I am often drawn to subjects that evoke either a sense of peace or a sense of loneliness or isolation. Maine, particularly, offers an abundance of landscapes and buildings that catch my attention.

My most successful paintings are those that seem to "paint themselves" from the moment I begin them. The final products of these nearly mystical experiences are always paintings that I value greatly. I have found, over time, these are also the works that other people seem to like the best."

Jane Herbert is a gifted fine artist, living in Damariscotta, Maine. When asked what inspires you to paint? Jane replied, "There is wild beauty all around. Paintings like, 'Spring Morning' and 'Lupine Celebration' are my response to the beauty of a particular place. I often drive past these scenes, catching nothing more than a flash of landscape in a break of roadside trees.

Upon reflection, I wonder if this is my work- to witness changing light, rising mist, flowers blooming, a pair of mallards feeding, a muskrat swimming from one hummock to another - not a slower pace, but a timeless one. There is something sacred in the untamed life that endures amid the structures of progress. These paintings exhibit my respect for the ways of nature and personal affinity for tranquility and beauty, where I see it."

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Scarlet Kinney is a life-long artist and writer, with a career spanning four decades.  She received a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, completed Master's level studio tutorials at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and earned an MA in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA.

When asked about her career as an artist she replied, "My work is about pushing limits and relaxing preconceived ideas. It is also very much about the process of painting itself; about creating the thickness, textures, interplays of color, light, shadow and line; or creating bold, rich strokes of paint on the canvas as I try to find my way towards expressing the mythic energies informing much of my work.

All of these influences are present in my current work, informing each decision I make from start to finish for each and every painting."

About The Gallery

Richard Boyd Art Gallery is an owner operated fine arts gallery located on Peaks Island in Portland, ME. The gallery represents a diverse group of established and emerging artists with a connection to the state of Maine.

The gallery exhibits original paintings, limited edition bronze sculptures, and works in clay. Exhibits change monthly and include solo, group and theme exhibits so visitors and clients always discover something new and exciting when they visit the gallery.

For more information about the exhibit or reception contact the gallery by phone at (207)-712-1097, via email at info@richardboydartgallery.com or visit the gallery's website at www.richardboydartgallery.com . Like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RichardBoydArtGallery .

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