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There are many furniture manufacturers in Cape Town, however, not all are created equal. Some manufactures mass produce their products for large scale wholesale distribution and thus, create inferior products. Many reputed companies in Cape Town such as Furniture Depot take care in the manufacturing process to ensure they create top quality products for their clientele. They supply a variety of high-quality furniture such as stackable chairs, bar stools and tables.

Why would you buy stackable chairs?

Stackable chairs are more of a commercial entity, commercial establishments such as restaurants have to consider a wide variety of factors before making a decision such as price, function and durability. For a business like a restaurant stackable chairs are the way to go, they provide a wealth of functionality that standard chairs simply do not. The ability to stack the chairs gives you the ability to save space and for a restaurant they are perfect. As the workers can stack all the chairs on the tables which allows them to easily clean the floor.

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In addition, it allows you to store extra chairs in the back in case you are running low on seating, you can just go grab some more chairs. You can also make use of chair dollies which are racks that you can stack the chairs on keeping they off the floor and providing easy access.

Stackable chairs are also very durable, this is because they are manufactured out of durable materials due to the natural of their use case. The chairs are constantly being moved around meaning this functionality is required. Stackable chairs generally are also easy to clean because of their durable natural.

Some people believe stackable chairs are uncomfortable or not aesthetically appealing, which is simply not true, you can opt for stacking chairs that have cushions. These will definitely provide a level of comfort that your guests will appreciate. Additionally, if do not like the stacking chairs on offer from a certain company you can have a look and see what other Furniture manufacturers are offering. And if you still don't come right you could get in touch with a company like Furniture Depot that can do a bit of customisation for you to better suit your theme.

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Furniture Depot have a wide variety of products on offer from barstools to benches and tables they do it all. To find out more about Furniture Depot and what other products they offer please visit their site at

About Furniture Depot:
Furniture Depot is a leading supplier of high-quality furniture in Cape Town. Their aim is to manufacture high quality and reliable commercial furniture for their clients to enhance office productivity and comfort of the users. They offer a variety of products in a multitude of styles, colours and themes to meet the requirements of their clientele.

3 Linton Close, Beaconvale, Parow
Cape Town, 7500, South Africa
Tel: 021 933 2076stats
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