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United States National Security Trends 2015

SpencerLaw announces the release of National Security Trends 2015 Aspatore Books

MIAMI - Aug. 25, 2015 - Rezul -- Thomas R. Spencer and SpencerLaw announce the release of Inside the Minds, Recent Trends in United States National Security, published by Aspatore Books, a Thomson-Reuters company. Thomas R. Spencer, a national security commentator,  is one of the co-authors of the new and important book. The book details recent important developments in cyber torts, cyber security, intelligence, whistleblowing, the national security strategy of the United States, classified information protection act trends, prosecutions of state secrets, industrial and national security espionage and more.Companies and governments face continued assault by private and nation-sponsored cyber crime.  Government whistleblowers face continued exposure to criminal prosecution for exposing waste and fraud. Members of the Defense and Intelligence Communities face continual exposure by cyber attacks revealing crucial identification. Businesses now face tort and government litigation exposure following cyber breaches of customer data.  This book details the current developments in strategy and law.

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