Two Entrepreneurs Start A Six-Figure Business In Tennessee

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Two entrepreneurs from different cities are able to come together and start a six-figure business in under six months.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - Jan. 23, 2018 - Rezul -- Matt Bigach is a 29 year old entrepreneur from Brentwood, Tennessee. He grew up as an only child and moved around frequently. He remembers growing up in a nice part of town, but always having to work for what he had. This was especially true in the 6th grade when his family moved to Bryan, Ohio and lost everything. Matt says those years were extremely tough and taught him a lot.

Zach Tetley is a 29 year old entrepreneur from Virginia. He attributes his success to having a supportive and loving family. When times got tough, his family was always there to push him forward. Zach was able to develop the drive and focus it takes to become a successful entrepreneur because of his family.

Matt first got into business in 2015 when he was working as a physical therapy assistant. He remembers being so frustrated with his current job that he had to find a solution. He decided to step away from that line of work and dive into real estate full time. After only two months in the business he closed his first real estate transaction for over $12,000 and began to build his business. After a year and a half, he decided to merge with Zach to form Nexus Homebuyers. To learn more about Nexus Homebuyers, visit their website at

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Zach was able to help build successful businesses before he started in real estate. Zach took an underperforming restaurant in South Carolina from grossing 2.8 million to 5.4 million in less than 2 years. The restaurant consistently hit the symbol of excellence after Zach took over. He was able to successfully implement strategies and systems that helped not only produce results, but overall customer satisfaction. He is able to take that experience and implement it into his own business to consistently create a customized solution for homeowners in the Knoxville area.

Once Matt and Zach formed Nexus Homebuyers, they saw the potential in the Knoxville, Tennessee market. Having both lived in the area, they were able to see where the trendy parts of town would be and focused their efforts on helping as many people as they could in these areas.

Within a few months, they were able to close their first deal at the end of June. From there, they would end up closing over $100,000 in revenue from July to December 2017. They credit their success to being focused on solving problems and going above and beyond to accommodate clients.

Once they started to gain momentum, they received numerous testimonials from homeowners who were so thankful to have worked with them and their team. Most of these homeowners could not have sold their home the traditional way through a realtor and were so thankful to have worked with Matt and Zach.

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At the time of the publishing of this article, Matt and Zach co-own a real estate investment company called Nexus Homebuyers which continues to grow into a 6-figure business. The two expect the company to continue to grow and produce half a million dollars in revenue in 2018. Along with their expected growth, Matt and Zach expect to take their business into other markets as well. Nashville and Charlotte are already on their radar. To visit their Nashville Tennessee location, visit

For those interested in learning some basic information about Nexus Homebuyers:

Q: What is Nexus Homebuyers and how can you help me sell my house?

A: Nexus Homebuyers is a real estate solutions company specializing in buying and redeveloping houses in any condition. We take the houses that nobody wants anymore and turn them into a beautiful place to call home. A majority of the houses we buy have damage, are extremely dirty, or just need to be sold faster than they could be on the MLS. We also purchase land, apartment buildings, and storage facilities. If you need to sell a house fast, Nexus Homebuyers can solve your problem.

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