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Energize nutrition: Meet Chef Allen Campbell, creator of plant-based meal plan programs including dining analysis

BOSTON - Jan. 11, 2019 - Rezul -- Weekend gameplan.  Watch Party playbook.  Ready for some healthy snacking?

Meet Chef Allen Campbell, author of TB12 Nutrition Manual and The Game of Eating Smart debuting March 2019.
Chef Campbell is also known as the "Chef of Peak Performance" with his innovative plant-based trends applied to traditional culinary artistry by maximizing health benefits and sustainable practices.
Discover the Chef Campbell Meal Plan programs that include analysis of dining habits to tailor best menus, plus quick prep designed for modern schedules.

His January Meal Plan includes:

• A seven-day meal plan tailored to individual needs that includes nutrient dense breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as pre and post workout meals and snack options.
• Recipes designed for the home cook with quick prep.
• Initial evaluation to review current dietary habits and goals.

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• Follow up email support for one week to assist with properly executing recipes.

Dietary goals don't have to be plain or boring.
Sate cravings while satisfying nutrition. Don't give up your favorite foods, find ones that love you back. Discover recipes for vegan burgers of white quinoa and black lentil + kale pesto and spicy cheese sauce. Snuggle some Squash Soup with caramelized vidalia onion, ginger and lime, sprinkled with crispy parsnip chips, roasted nuts and seeds for texture. Even comfort food can be nutrient-dense and amazingly delicious at the same time, like our vegan pasta bundled up in creamy lemon cashew sauce.

Find out why a plant-based diet is not only beneficial to your health but also delicious.

The winter is a time to focus on the grounding benefits of hearty root vegetables. Smoothies are no exception! Try my creation of soft baked pumpkin and squash for an awesome smoothie on the go, or post work-out snack.

Our commitment to sustainable never sacrifices integrity or flavor of cuisine culture. Dine well, with optimized nutritional balance.

Besides dedicated Meal Plans, discover our Group Programs designed for productive Workplaces. Our analysis reviews office culture to develop best menu plans. Also ask about catering and special appearances.

Allen Campbell

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