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The Unchallenged Abuse Of Humankind By Cunning Supernatural Forces Signals The End Of Human Freedom

Do you have faith in humanity and a desire for justice? The true story detailed at exposes hidden evil incomprehensible to the everyday person, which powers of our societies have tried to conceal for decades.

KENSINGTON, U.K. - June 7, 2016 - Rezul -- We now know about child abuse - adult predators seeking to exploit the vulnerability of children for their own ends.  Now look further into the darkness.  During 1989, Mr Terry A. Browne discovered that evil does not stop at child abuse - there are evil predators of the supernatural seeking to exploit the vulnerability of humankind and its ignorance for their own ends. is a sincere and extraordinary website detailing a first-hand account of supernatural and satanic abuse in an effort to raise public awareness and expose a concealed evil that exploits humanity.  The website looks at the serious but overlooked issue of 'What if an evil supernatural force decided to abuse you?'  Who would believe you in such a circumstance where the villains naturally seek to prevent the discovery of their abuse?

More on Rezul News is a website that should be read with compassion and understanding in respect of the fact that if you had experienced the horrors described, how would you have coped and what would you have done?  What would you have done if you were in the shoes of Mr Terry A. Browne?

Terry Browne


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