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'The Tribal Lands' Illustrates the Human Condition, Sans the Static and Clutter of Our Modern World

It is set in a time and place where the simple conditions lay bare the essence of what elevates and what degrades people and society. It is a story of family, love, faith, and respect that transcends race, status, religion, and politics.

HAYS, Kan. - Sept. 6, 2017 - Rezul -- Love, Honor, and Tradition

In the harsh and rural southern Tribal Lands, a former militia officer and his wife raise their three children on the family hacienda in a secluded river valley.

In time, each of their children finds love. The youngest travels by caravan to the far north. The eldest follows a path close to home. And the second-born, obliged to fulfill a long-held tradition, must marry in order to secure status and wealth for the family –

But on his path to follow what is honorable, inspiration leads him to love an outcast and to break the law. Yet tradition leads him to fall in love with the daughter of an elite and powerful family that can save the people and the land. And ultimately, he must decide on how he will be true to love, honor, and tradition.

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The Tribal Lands
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About Patrick Barney
A Southern California native, Patrick has lived and worked in both Europe and the Middle East. He has a M.S. in Urban Studies degree, with a diverse professional background: Environmental/Engineering, Banking & Finance, Regional Planning, and Education.

He currently resides in Kansas as a high school teacher–in the subjects of: Anthropology, German, and Government.

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