The State of the Oregon Real Estate Market and Sundance Realty: December 2019

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SALEM, Ore. - Rezul -- State of Sundance Realty

Why did we increase our transaction fee from $400 to $500?

When we first began Sundance Realty back in 2008, we started it with a $400 transaction fee.  The purpose was to provide independent agents a place in which they could continue their own business while minimizing all the unnecessary costs that the other brokerages pile on.  No splits, no monthly fees, just the $400 per closed transaction to support the management of the firm. It has served the firm and our brokers well, but while the fee has stayed the same, the dollar has not.  Using the future and past values of the dollar (taking into account inflation rates) we see that:

$400 in 2008 has a future value in 2019 of $474.77
$400 in 2019 had a past value in 2008 of $337.01

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We have kept the fee where it has been so as to keep it low for our agents, but we have kept it too low for too long and it has become unsustainable from a business perspective.  At some point we would have to reflect current inflation rates, the current value of the dollar, and adjust the transaction fees accordingly. As a result, this was the justification for increasing the fee to $500, and we will hold it at that rate until around year 2030 when we will reassess.  Keeping the transaction fee close to the value of $400 back in 2008, we feel, will keep us true to the original intent when the brokerage began while staying economically viable.

Listing Agents of the Month:

Angela DeJong
Jon Heuberger
Keshia Harris
Lisa Jacobsen

Buyer Agents of the Month:

Joni McClintock
Angela DeJong
Agustin Vega-Trinidad
Charlene Knudsen
Greg Axe
Matt Boyington
Toni Keener


Sundance Realty Marketing and Recruiting

We have continued to update our existing client-side website through the use of theme updates and some administrative changes on, and our marketing and recruiting site;

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Updated Sundance Realty Social Media Accounts

Colin Marcum
Sundance Realty

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