The State of Sundance Realty and the Oregon Market: November 2018

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SALEM, Ore. - Dec. 11, 2018 - Rezul -- State of the Oregon Real Estate Market

On the 16th of November, Bend had its Affordable Housing Pilot program approved in which the city will be allowed to expand its residential development beyond its state-permitted limits.  Oregon land development has always been relatively strict, as a matter of conservation, but was done at the expense of available housing inventory. Right now, cities would need to develop plans for residential expansion within their Urban Growth Boundary and gain approval from the state; via the Land Conservation and Development Commission.  This pilot, however, is predominantly designed to test a streamlined process that bypasses state agencies in order to invigorate residential growth for affordable homes at discretion of municipalities. Around 500-600 single family residences will be built upon 35 acres along HWY 20, and should be completed and on the market by 2025. Based on the progress of Bend's development, if successful, it may provide a template for future developments in other Oregon cities.  Additionally, if the development goes well in the interim, we may even see implementation elsewhere prior to its completion.

Toni Keener
Sundance Realty Principal Broker

State of Sundance Realty

New Agents:
No new brokers in November

Listing Agents of the Month:
Phyllis Murray
Lisa Jacobsen
Charlene Knudsen
Toni Keener
Joni McClintock
Jennifer Mitson
David Holmes
Marty Emry
Arlen Pounds

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Agustin Vega-Trinidad

Successful Closing of the Month:
Arielle Hernandez
David Gonzalez
Bernice Wigginton


Sundance Realty Marketing and Recruiting

The October 2018 Press Release for Sundance Realty was a great success achieving double the unique hits that our Facebook page is able to achieve.  With this effort alongside our other social media and email marketing activities we continue to develop the domain authority our client/listing site;, and our marketing and recruiting site;  We are starting to see the fruits of this labor with many experienced and independent agents transferring from their previous brokerages and joining Sundance Realty.  With the promise made to all agents in providing an Oregon brokerage that saves them the most on their commissions through the lowest transaction fees in the state it is our desire to continue to spread this message to every Oregon Realtor.

Colin Marcum
Sundance Realty Marketing and Recruiting


Link-Building for Realtors: How to Make It to the First Page

November 20, 2018
by Colin Marcum

Ever wonder why the pages of some brokerage firms, property listings, and agent web pages appears before others in search engines like Google and Bing? The first element deals with keywords. Naturally, if you type in "pizza delivery" you are more likely to get a local Pizza Hut webpage than a landing page to the Oregon Real Estate Agency. However, within a keyword like Oregon Real Estate, how does a webpage like the Oregon Real Estate Agency rank in comparison to other related web pages; like realty firms, mortgage brokers, and title companies? That is where the second element comes in: LINKS.

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Keywords for Realtors: How to Make It to the First Page
November 28, 2018
by Colin Marcum

Making it to the first page of search engines involves two things; keywords and links. I previously discussed link-building and how the interconnectedness of websites is developed through linking related content to others, and therefore, digitally constructing the web that we actually surf through for entertainment or information.  Making your sites appear amongst the first few websites on search engines; like Google and Bing, is practically impossible without the development of both keywords and links. Keywords and Links are two sides of the same coin called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and if you want to succeed online you will need to plan and execute both.

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