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The Sacred Life Journey of Sharon Lund

AUSTIN, Texas - April 19, 2017 - Rezul -- Last night sitting outside beside the powerful Maui ocean, Sharon and I talked about her own life and death journey.

She has been serving others at the end of life since 1986 in a variety of ways, as she weaves in her own path of healing her own mind, body and spirit.

There is a place for every single one of us who has this calling to be of help at the end of life in our communities. Regardless of how unconventional we feel we are, listen in as Sharon describes how her sacred journey unfolded into a powerful ministry.

The burden of caring for our dying is too much for our present health and death care system. We are all needed to work together, bridging services, ideas, new roads to serve our communities.

Never think you are not enough where you stand right now. We are all growing. There is a place for you.

Sharon Lund's life journey has been Divinely guided every step of the way. She is living her life purpose with passion and love.

She is the author of three books, an international speaker, and founder of Sacred Life Publishers, and the non-profit organization Sacred Living Sacred Dying, Inc. She is also a staff member of Doorway Into Light.

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This week's podcast: http://www.qualityoflifecare.com/podcast/the-sacred-life-journey-of-sharon-lund

Sharon has dedicated her life to break the silence about death and dying, and bring back the sacredness of life and death. Since 1986 she has worked in the AIDS and cancer community to assisted people to prepare for their final phase of life. She has felt blessed and honored to be by the bedside as many men and women prepare to die and take their final last breath of life.Sharon Lund's life journey has been Divinely guided every step of the way. She is living her life purpose with passion and love. Her website: www.SacredLife.com

Sharon has had two near-death experiences, one in March 1997, where she died in the hospital due to AIDS complications.

As an international speaker, Sharon's presentations have taken her throughout the United States, into Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Russia and Japan. She has appeared on 48 Hours, Eye on America, CNN and the Oprah Winfrey Show. She was also featured in the November 2007 issues of The Oprah O Magazine.

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