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Filling and capping containers manually is not an option for the manufacturing industry. So, factories with a higher production rate prefer semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. These machines play a crucial role in several industries like food, beverage, cosmetics and medicine. TELM is one of the top providers that offer filling and capping machines.

Products offered by TELM

Rotary machines

Rotary machines can fill and cap bottles automatically. These machines are suitable for industries that require a sturdy machine with compact dimensions. With this filling machine, the employee does not need to intervene with the work much. Kerman, the piston filling machine with inlets and outlets on the same side or different side is designed for departments with high production rates. When equipped with labelling and marking machines, the machine becomes a modular production unit.

Linear machines

TELM is involved with designing and manufacturing automatic filling machines for pouring dense and liquid products into stable containers like bottles, jars, buckets and cans. The machines are made with AISI316 stainless steel. so, they can be used in different fields like cosmetic, chemical, food and para-pharmaceutical. TELM offers solid and reliable systems and tailor-makes them as per the customer's needs. products include LINE85, LINE84, LINE73, LINE68 etc. caps feeding are done manually or automatically by magnetic feeders and vibrating caps feeders.

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Semiautomatic filling machines

Semiautomatic filling machines manufactured and offered by TELM are characterised by their versatility, precision, ease of use and reliability. The filling is done by volumetric piston fillers that are made of AISI316 stainless steel. as a result, you can accurately dose not only liquid and dense products but also hot products with suspended pieces. Any plastic or glass jars can be filled with these machines. TELM offers piston machines that can fill from 1ml to 5600ml.

Semiautomatic capping machines

Capping machines provided by TELM are ideal for pre-threaded plastic caps, press-on caps and twist-off caps. The capping machines are made of stainless steel entirely. The capping heads of the machines are interchangeable. Fitted with a practical double-switch drive, the machines operate with a 6bar pressure. Products include:

·         Vacuum capping machine

·         Semiautomatic pressure capping machine

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·         Semiautomatic capping machine

·         Capping machine for buckets

To know more about the products and services of TELM, visit their official website:

About TELM

TELM was founded in 1972. Back then, it worked with materials like stainless steel and aluminium. Soon, the company started to design volumetric dosers for semi-automatic and automatic filling machines. Now, all manufactured products reflect the experience and sheer knowledge of complex geometries of the company. TELM designs and manufactures all machines according to the specifications of the customers and carry out a final inspection testing before offering it.stats
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